Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Christmas Loot

This post is a little belated but why not keep the Christmas spirit going since the rest of winter is depressing because there aren’t really any holidays to look forward to and spring seems sooooo far away. Christmas was good to Mr. & Mrs. Pi this year. When is it ever not, we always get spoiled rotten.

From Mr. Pi I got some awesome wool biking socks so my feet don’t freeze and probably my most special gift. He made me these:

If you can’t see the pictures very well, it’s a collage of all my running pictures and tri pictures from the year. (He even said he'll help me update it every year.) I folded the race bibs I have here (I have a few at my parents house too) around the outside of the collage and I plan to hang my medals too but I need Mr. Pi to help with that part. Mr. Pi is so creative and thoughtful. I love you, thank you so much!

Here are a couple of pics of other fun running/triathlon related gifts:

I'm so glad that my family supports my active lifestyle. That IronFit book is just to keep me thinking ahead I guess, hehe. It's actually full of really good tri information in general that is applicable to all tri's not just IM's. No intention of doing one anytime soon.

Yep, that’s a bike trainer! Wooo-hoo! I’m going to need it to train during the rainy months here in the NW.

I also participated in Morning Runner’s blogger Xmas exchange. I was paired with Lisa. If you don’t read her blog, you should, it’s great! Lisa is from Michigan but lives in NYC so I got a little something from both of her “homes.” Ahh, thanks Lisa!

Mr. Pi loves puzzles, here he is not even a week after he cracked this one open.

Christmas morning is almost entertaining as Mr. Pi’s family keeps growing and growing. Here are a few fun shots of the chaos!

GIANT pile-o-presents.

Mid-chaos! Zoey is there somewhere lovin' life.

Mr. Pi posing for me. There is little Zoey looking for some wrapping paper to chew.

If I haven't mentioned it already, I really love Christmas. Already looking forward to Christmas 2010!