Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday BFF

BIG Happy Birthday to my best friend, Kristen! She and I have been friends for 20 years. Thanks for being the best, best friend I could have asked for. I wish I had some fun old pictures to share but instead I'll share a few of my favorite moments, many of you won't understand them but she will! Hope this makes you smile chica!
The running man, the 3rd grade loft, my campaign for treasurer against Morgan Tolle, mad libs, the biggen, camping, flannel, bodysuits, annette, the phase, the cult, "don't be up before the nice people at starbucks are willing to serve you coffee," ethics class, camp winthers, the big butt spider, sunny-d and vodka (we were rebels), socks, the flood and our science posters, Mr. Friedricks math grades, Disneyworld, Chattanooga dance, tevas, chi o, looney tunes, pen pals, grandma grace’s shoes, riding the train, DC, stranded in NYC…this list could go on and on. Luv ya sister—Happy Birthday!