Sunday, January 10, 2010

Grilled Cheese Cart Run

Slowly, I’ve been getting back to my training plan. I’ve been battling a cold and a really busy work week but for my first week of my initial training I think I did pretty well. I certainly didn’t do all my workouts but I did most of them.

My biggest dilemma right now is biking. Since the weather isn’t great here this time of year (and won’t be again for awhile) I’m worried that training on the bike will be difficult. Spin class is great and I got a bike trainer for Christmas but neither is quite the same as riding outside. I think once I hook up the cadence sensor for the trainer I’ll feel better because I’ll know how far I’ve gone. Any advice from other triathletes out there about bike training in the winter?

Since this was my first full week on the new schedule I’m going to do a little recap.

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Weights class AM/run PM (Weights class with a friend, super hard everything hurt! I had to miss my run due to a really long day at work.)

Wednesday: Swim AM/run PM (Missed the swim since I was at work until 9pm the night before and needed some extra sleep. Ran with Sarah along the Westside esplanade and had a good windy run!)

Thursday: Weights class AM/Spin Class AM/Zumba (Weights class again, kicked my butt. I missed the spin class b/c it was FULL—lame new years resolutioners crowding the classes! I didn’t have time to do a trainer ride in between work and Zumba with Jen. Zumba was again harder than anticipated, it’s such a good/fun workout.)

Friday: Swim AM/Run PM (I took Friday off due to exhaustion and my cold flaring up.)

Saturday: Long Swim AM + Spin Class AM (both went great)

Sunday: Long Run AM (8.15 miles in 1:29:37/10:58 avg. Good long run with quite the crew today. Mr. Pi, the overachiever, ran to our meeting spot and totaled 15.5 miles for the day. The rest of us did a fun 8 mile loop through a part of Portland I’m not all that familiar with. We ended with a stop at the Grilled Cheese cart where you eat your meal in a school bus! AWESOME! Since pictures of food are better than pictures of running I leave you with pictures of the bus.)

Slowly, I've been starting to think about things I'll need for the rest of the training season. I just bought this:I am thinking I'll probably order this, for my bike:After my swim on Saturday I realized that my bathing suit was getting a little thin in the butt. I have a few speedo suits but they are all a few years old so it might be time for a couple of these:
I've been searching for a new Tri top. The two I have now I like but they both ride up during the run portion. The last thing I need during Barb's race is to have to pull my top down for 13.1 miles. Jen wore this top for the IM and said it didn't ride. I've read a ton of reviews and this really looks like a good top. It's design resembles my favorite tri shorts, which are made of a slightly different material, less slick but still fast drying. I can't afford all of these things at once so I'm going to slowly collect them throughout the year.

I also didn't get a bike jersey for Christmas so I'll probably want one of those too before too long. Gosh this post makes me sound so materialistic. This new hobby is expensive!

What's still on your list that you didn't get for Christmas?