Thursday, January 28, 2010

Best Husband Award & Great Run

It's been kind of a stressful week for me. My husband, Mr. Pi, has been so great. He's done more than his fair share of the household chores and taking care of the dog...he's also sent me funny little text messages throughout the day since he knows I've been stressed out. Then, last night, he brought me these...

Awwwww!!!!! Thanks so much honey! (P.S. Yes, they are in a beer boot cup since I can't find any of my vases.)

Despite the stress of the week, I've still been getting in good workouts. I rested Monday, good thing since I had to be AT work at 6:30 am!

Tuesday: Weights class AM/Run PM with Amy and Jen

This run was awesome! Amy and I met Jen at her place downtown and we headed out for the 4.5 bridge loop. If you ever come to Portland running the bridges is something you have to do. While I don't love running at night the lights of the city and all the runners on this route make it pretty awesome. It was pouring rain and chilly but I really have come to love that people in Oregon just do their normal routine in the rain. There were cyclists and runners galore. I can't say I love running in the rain but honestly it's not that bad anymore. Anyway, the run. I told Jen to reign me in if I went balls out at 9:00. We kept the pace a nice and comfy 10:15ish, that's right I said nice and comfy 10:15! At the halfway point we picked it up and dropped closer to a 10:00. We chatted some and moved to the right a lot for cyclists. (Seriously people, enough with the bells!) It was really a great run. The best thing about it was it didn't feel that hard and I felt like I could have kept going for another few miles. YAY running buddies! Run stats: 4.5 miles/45:33/10:07 avg

Wednesday: Dang it, still can't get up on Wednesdays!

I did have a great dinner with Jen, thanks for cooking me dinner chica! We had a great time chatting away. It's so fun to learn new things about people. I've know Jen for about a year now but we have rarely had the chance to talk about our families or our past. Jen, let's do dinner more often that was super fun!

After dinner I was treated to flowers and a GIANT hug from my hubby. I'd say Wednesday was pretty great!

Today: AM Weights/PM Run

I've been slowly up'ing my weights in weights class. Today my "light weights" were 6 lbs, medium were 7.5 lbs and heavy were 12 lbs. My arms and back are probably going to be sore tomorrow but it felt great. I also got the 100 pushups app and plan to start that program next week. It might take me awhile but dangit I'm going to hit (and hopefully surpass) my goal of 10 push ups for the year.

I've got a work dinner tonight but I'm hoping to get in a run before I have to go to dinner. My legs are feeling good and I still feel like I'm on a bit of a runners high from Tuesday. Yay running.

No biking or swimming yet this week. Swim is happening for sure tomorrow and biking probably just on Saturday this week. I still have another month of building before my Barb's Race training really starts up so I'm feeling good about easing into ramping up all three sports.