Sunday, January 17, 2010

Awesome Week

I’m still working on my Q&A post but I promise it’ll be up soon. I had a really great workout week this week. Sadly I don’t have any pictures from any of my workouts—fail.

Monday: Rest Day

Cooked dinner for me and Mr. Pi. Relaxed and had a good evening.

Tuesday: AM 1:00 weights class/PM run with Amy on Terwilliger

Amy and I kept saying to each other “man, this run is hard today.” Well, there was a good reason for that, we were running our hilly route FASTER than we normally do. Our route is about 4.2-4.4 miles and we normally run it around 10:45 pace but Tuesday we averaged 10:28! Go us. After the run, Mr. Pi and I went out to dinner with a couple of friends at a local place near us. I had been craving their artichoke and cheese tamale for days, sadly, the waitress got my order wrong. Boo! The pork tamale was good, but not what I wanted. Oh well! Run Stats: 4.20 miles/44:00/10:28 avg

Wednesday: PM run with lots of buddies

I really didn’t want to run Wednesday, I felt so grateful to have a running date with Amy, Sarah, Lisa and Andrew. We met at Lisa and Andrew’s apt and took off for the waterfront. I was supposed to be doing 5 miles with 3 miles of tempo. For the first mile, we all stayed together and we battled the street lights to get to the waterfront. Once we hit the waterfront I sped up to about a 10:15 pace. Andrew (who is a new runner) stayed right with me. We stopped once and waited for Sarah to catch up (she had Vaughn who took a potty break) and the three of us ran together most of the rest of the way. We stopped at 4 miles, which might be a record distance for both Lisa and Andrew—they both did great! Sarah, Amy and I huffed it back the mile to our cars. All in all it was a great run. My overall avg was about 11-something but I did hit the tempo miles close to my target (tempo miles: 10:15, 10:40 (when we wait for Sarah), 10:25). Run Stats: 5.0 miles/57:00ish/11:24ish avg

Thursday: AM 1:00 Weights/AM Swim/PM trainer ride

Weights class was rough, lot of arms and back work which I knew was going to make my swim painful. My swim was slow and short (only 1500 yards) but I got in the pool which is what counts. I really wanted to Zumba with Jen in the evening but I was at work late and knew I couldn’t make it home to let the dog out and get to Zumba so I took the dog for a walk and rode the trainer for 35 minutes. Swim Stats: 1500/29:00 Trainer Stats: 30:00 minutes (I don’t have a cadence sensor hooked up yet)

Friday: PM Run with Jen

I slept in on Friday (sort of) since I had to be at a meeting off site by 7:30. My day was super busy at work and all I really wanted to do was go home and curl up on the couch. It was rainy and dreary out too (double bummer). Again, its days like Friday that I am so thankful for running buddies. I met Jen at her apt and quickly changed into my running clothes. It was pouring out by the time we hit the road. I didn’t know what to expect from this run. Jen and I haven’t ever run together besides side by side treadmills and she is MUCH faster than me so I knew it was going to be a tough run for me. I figured I would just go as fast as I thought I could sustain and let her do all the talking. It was great! She was super motivational and since I didn’t want to let her down and be a slow poke I kept up my speed as best I could. My Garmin batteries died so we went off her watch. Honestly, so being a speedy run for me, it felt hard but not so hard that I couldn’t have probably gone a little farther. I think running with someone faster than me really helps my mental game. I didn’t want to disappoint so I picked it up. 3.0 miles/28:30/9:30 avg

Saturday: Swim/Trainer

I have really been itching to get out on the roads on my bike but alas I live in Oregon and we’re in the “rainy season.” Instead of biking this morning, I spent the morning with Mr. Pi and Zoey walking around the neighborhood. Around 2:00ish I decided I better get to the pool and swim. I was pleasantly surprised when I got there and the pool was empty! It was lovely. I started Endurance #5 in my Swim Workouts for Triathletes book (more on this book in future post). It was 2500 yards with a 600 pull in the middle, lots of kicking in the beginning and a TON of 25’s at the end of the workout. Speedwork at the end of a swim workout, especially one with a lot of pull yards is just mean. I finished the swim spent but not totally dead. Swim Stats: 2500/59:16 (not super fast but considering all the rest intervals and pull yards, this isn’t too bad)

I came home and Mr. Pi was about to hop on the trainer so I decided to take an extra long transition and wait for him to finish his workout. He finished and I hoped on for 40 minutes. The trainer is HARD—nuf said. Trainer Stats: 40:00 minutes (I don’t have a cadence sensor hooked up yet)

Sunday: Long Run

We had quite the group today for our long run. Sarah, Amy, Mr. Pi, me, CilleyJen, co-worker Sarah, Lisa, Andrew, Amy’s friend the Cheetah and another friend from work G. It’s awesome to see our group growing. I won’t lie, this run was hard. The route is challenging (i.e. hilly). Mr. Pi ran with the Cheetah for a bit until she split off for the shorter route. Lisa, Andrew, co-worker Sarah and CilleyJen took off for the shorter route and from the reports I've heard everyone did very well! G, Sarah, Amy, Mr. Pi and I took off for Tryon park. Tryon is really a great place to run. I’ve never been on the any of the side trails but the main paved trail is nice. It’s got some rolling hills but it’s not super hilly. We took some walk breaks up the hills but really the pace was comfortable, a bit slower than last week but this was a MUCH harder route. Run Stats: 9.0 miles/1:49/12:06 avg

Breakfast as always is the highlight of any run. I split my Challah French toast with Mr. Pi and in return got some of his omelet and rosemary potatoes. YUM! If you’re in SW Portland try Seasons and Regions. It doesn’t look like much from the outside but it’s sure tasty.

Whew, that was my week! Q&A coming up sometime soon and I’m also going to be reviewing some of the awesome stuff I got for Christmas and my cool gift from GoLite.