Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Calendar & 10 Goals for 2010

I won’t lie, I’ve had a google document going for a few months called “2010 races/events.” Readers of this blog already know that my big “A” race of the year is Barb’s race in July. (It’s a 70.3 triathlon. It’s part of the Vineman series in Northern California.) After reading this post, I got to thinking about races and how many my body, mind and wallet really want to do in 2010. I just finished my Barb's race training calendar (and got the blessing from my Tri Guru). Since Barb's is is my “A” race for the year, I wanted to make sure that my other races don't interfere too much with this race needless to say there are so many fun sounding races out there!

Here is my preliminary event/race calendar for the year:

Bidwell Classic ½ marathon or 5kSarah is coaching a running group for this run and my sister-in-law is making this her first 5k ever. Plus, it’s really close to my in-laws in California, who doesn’t love an excuse to see family?! I’m leaning toward the ½ marathon but haven’t committed myself yet.

I have several sprint tri’s on the list. All of them have pool swims, not sure how I feel about that yet. (Beaver Freezer, ICE Breaker Tri (in Cali), WOU Sprint)

Big Sur MarathonSpectate only! Mr. Pi is running this race and I know Roadbunner and Aron will be there too. I’m not ruling out a relay but I am leaning toward running my own long run and spectating the finishers!

Couple of tri’s on the calendar. These have open water swims which means, I need a wetsuit! (Duck Bill Thrill, City of Gold (in Cali))

Eugene MarathonSpectate only! Several PDX’ers will be running either the half or full. I spectated last year and had a blast. I plan to be out on the course with a cowbell and new signs!

Blue Lake Sprint or Olympic Tri-If I’ve completed one sprint by June, I will go for the Oly distance. If not, Sprint it is!

Dunlap Family Vacation to Maine—I said it was a races AND events calendar. I have been scouring websites for events, places to run and swim while on vacation. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to take my bike. The vacation will fall right before my peak time which makes me a little nervous about not being on my bike (especially since I consider that my weakest leg) but this just means I’ll have to be more dedicated and committed before the vacation.

Barb’s Race 70.3

Skyline 50k--Spectate only! Mr. Pi's first Ultra marathon!

I haven’t planned any races after Barb’s race. I am not ruling out a fall or early winter event but I want to get through tri training before I tackle anything else for the year.

I have a great list of events/races, several of which correspond to my goals for 2010. Ta-da…here are my top 10 goals for 2010:

1. Finish my first Half Ironman!
2. Set a new 5k PR (which means I have to run at least one 5k)--which means I'll probably be looking to do one in the fall if I don't do the one in March.
3. Set a new Half Marathon PR (I'm hoping maybe Kristen can help me with this in April since she's flying up for Race for the Roses--yay!!!)
4. Continue crazyweights through mid-March (if I can fit it into Tri training then through July, it's tentatively on the calendar but I just don't know how my body will handle all the tri related training)
5. Call/email my parents more often (once every other week or more frequently just to “check in”)
6. Add more money to my monthly savings deposit
7. Go to Bend with Mr. Pi
8. Go snow shoeing (Portland Monthly Magazine had a great article about places to snow shoe around Mt. Hood)
9. Host a dinner party or post-run brunch (who cares if I have a grumpy neighbor who probably won't like it! I love hosting and I haven't really had much opportunity to host since moving to portland)
10. Ten REAL pushups

A few others that didn’t quite hit the top 10. Most top 10 lists contain at least 5 runner ups, right?:

11. Run 1000 miles (since I didn’t quite (less than 40 miles off) hit this goal for 2009 I’m adding it to 2010)
12. Swim 100 miles
13. Bike a lot! (I don’t even know what would be a reasonable goal here. 1500?)
14. Try 12 new recipes (one a month, that’s doable right? Hopefully I’ll remember to post the outcome here.)
15. Go visit my great aunt in Port Orchard, WA (hopefully squeeze in a meet up with her and her while I'm there)

Here's to making 2010 another great year full of fun times and great training.