Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winner Dean K Book & Sugoi Tights Review

Several new commentors for the Dean K book giveaway. I separated the entries by book since several of you had read one book but not the other. If you didn’t indicate having read either book your name went in for both books. By using I pulled the following winners…
Congrats ladies! Email me at with your address and I’ll send the books next week.

Onto my tights review. I was lucky enough to have Sugoi send me a pair of Piston 200 compression tights a few weeks ago (actually probably like a month or two). I’m new to the world of running tights. When I lived in California, I didn’t need them; when I lived in Boston, I ran in sweat pants and long johns because it was THAT cold; last winter in the northwest I did lots of treadmill running to avoid the rain and cold. I have been pretty self conscious about tights for two reasons: 1) All of the running pants I own are a wee bit on the short side so I thought tights would just look like capris or worse and 2) They are SPANDEX, full leg spandex! When I received my Sugoi’s in the mail and pulled them out of their VERY small bag I thought “no way are these going to fit.” Oh the wonder of spandex. Don’t get me wrong these puppies are TIGHT but stretchy too. The hardest part about getting them on is fitting the tiny foot holes over my HUGE, Paris Hilton, size 11 feet. Once I got them on I examined myself in the mirror carefully. I wasn’t going to go out in public in SPANDEX if I looked bad. Surprisingly, for being waist to foot spandex, I didn’t look too bad. I ran around my apartment a little to give them a little test and I didn’t feel giggly, I felt sucked in and strong. Here I am in my spandex glory!

I’ve worn these tights probably a dozen or more times. I cannot say ENOUGH great things about them. They are so comfortable! I don’t feel like I’m wearing any pants at all (yes, this is a good thing). Another thing I noticed is that my calfs don’t get nearly as tight. I was stopping to stretch my calfs often during long runs. When I wear the tights, the calf pain is MUCH less. I’m new to the compression world. In fact, I’ve scoffed at “compression wear” multiple times and wondered why people paid for it. Now I get it. I have a pair of Nike “recovery socks.” These are not compression socks. They are cozy but they are NOT like my tights. After being so impressed with these tights, I’ve even considered purchasing a pair of REAL compression socks. In the summertime, I won’t be wearing my tights but I’d like the same calf pain lessening benefit.

I’ve also worn these tights for two long bike rides. I wore bike shorts under them both times. I didn’t think I could fit bike shorts underneath but like I said before they are TIGHT but also stretchy! Tights were wind proof and kept me nice and toasty. Biking in spandex!

The only negative thing I’ll say about the tights is that they aren’t made for really cold temps. Portland had a bit of an arctic blast last week and the temps dropped to below 20 in the morning and about 25-30 for a high. I wore the tights for an after work run, temp probably 28ish, I was totally fine. I wore them for a morning run, car temp said 15, was not so fine. I should have double layered that morning. Keep in mind I’m speaking as someone who is in general cold. My ideal running temperature is 60-70 so it could very well just be me.

The price tag. I found these on for $89.95. Pricey but TOTALLY worth it. In fact, I may buy myself another pair after the holidays. is also great because they have 2-day free shipping. Mr. Pi and I buy all of our shoes through that site.

Sugoi Piston 200’s get a double thumbs up from me!