Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve

I’ve had a great vacation so far and as promised, I’m as giddy as ever for tomorrow morning! We had a good drive down for Oregon to Cali, Zoey stayed all snuggly in her blankets in her crate.

Mr. Pi and I have gone on some great runs too. In Sac, along with spending lots of time with my Dad we also met Kristen for a run along the American River bike trail. Kristen and I went 8 miles together and talked the whole time. I added another 2 miles after she hit the road for a total of 10. Mr. Pi went a total of 14 and also had a great run.

That white thing is a crane. We also saw bunnies with white puffy tails!
Another runner just ahead of us.
Here we are at the end of 8 miles.

After Sacramento we went to the woods to Grass Valley to visit my Mom. Zoey got spoiled with two whole bags of fun goodies--toys and treats. Here she is trying to get her present from Grandma. (I'll be doing a whole post on my Christmas presents sometime after tomorrow.)

We also got in a good run. It was cold but nice and sunny! I ran on a mix of trails and pavement. It was a hard run, the cold, the elevation and the HILLS made for a tough workout. 5 miles done nonetheless.

From there we went even further north to Mr. Pi's parents house. We met Sarah for a run in Bidwell park. I wish I had worn shorts, it was soooooo warm and sunny. Mr. Pi, Sarah and I ran 8 miles together through the park on a mix of trails and pavement. We kept up a good clip (at least for me), I was tired at the end of 8 miles but thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Up by the trail.
Mr. Pi and Sarah looking at the pretty canyon.
Someone on twitters said this picture looked like "Hey look at that big bear!" and me saying "Hey guys strike a pose." Luckily, there weren't any bears. It sure was pretty.
Here's the trail. We were only on it for a short while. It was pretty technical for this non-trail runner but it was gorgeous.
Here's the paved part of the trail.
Mr. Pi and I after 8 miles in the park.

I took a nice relaxing yoga class this morning. Ran a nice and easy 5k on the treadmill, did a few weights and some abs/pushups. Another gorgeous and warm day in NorCal.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! May Santa bring you lots of fun presents.