Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lots and Lots of PRs

All sorts of PR’s were had this weekend. My best friend Kristen along with RoadBunner and I think Audrey too, all PR’d at CIM. Aron, qualified for Boston also at CIM—great job lady way to end your 2009 race season! Other CIM runner shout outs go to ChicRunner (you maniac!), Tara (also a maniac, I think) and Maritza (way to finish your 7th marathon strong). Hopefully I’m not leaving any other CIM runners out.

So these weren’t the ONLY PR’s of the weekend. On Saturday, Mr. Pi and I completed a PR distance bike ride—44.316 miles! Awhile back Jen suggested I look into the “Rubber to the Road” series. (Its two books of rides around the Portland area.) We’ve been scoping out rides for a week or so and decided if the weather was nice we’d try one out. Well, it’s been really sunny in Portland lately so we decided to give the Mt. Angel ride a go. So this ride was great, nice country roads with very little traffic however, the directions and the description were both a little off.

First, the directions. There were a couple of roads that had different names or turned into the road on their map. Let’s just say, thank goodness for the iphone!

Second, the description. So 99.9% of the description was correct. It was back country roads with very little traffic. There were hops fields galore (which Mr. Pi and I want to come back and see in the spring). However, there were hills! At mile 30 we turned and saw the first of three, what I would consider major hills. Let’s just say, mile 30 was not where I wanted to start seeing hills.

Hops field bare for the winter.

About halfway.

Pretty views of the valley and surrounding hills.

Still flat here.

Mr. Pi and his PB&J. I should have eaten one too.

Stopped, probably looking at the directions.

Just past our biking mileage PR.

And, we're DONE.

This is how Mr. Pi felt after 44.316 miles.

Here's me...thinking about Starbucks! Extra hot please.

Anyway, we survived getting up them and down them. (I practiced not braking and using the downhills to get up the uphills. I saw a max speed at one point of 31 MPH, that’s a max speed PR for me. I told ya the PR’s just keep on coming.) I had one freak out moment going up the last major hill, there was lots of profanity and yelling BUT I got up the damn hill. To be honest, if I hadn’t been clipped in I probably would have walked my bike up that last hill but I was too afraid of falling over trying to unclip myself. After that last hill it was just small rollers which were fine.

I learned several things on this ride:

1. Going from a max distance of 30ish miles to almost 45 was a HUGE jump and not one I would recommend to anyone else. Our average speed suffered. First 22.5 miles average 14 MPH. Finish average 12.9. I think maybe I’ll stick to 20-30 mile rides for awhile and work on getting faster, HILLS and stopping less.

2. I need a fueling plan. I didn’t know when to drink or eat and since I rarely get thirsty or hungry riding I need to create a plan and try it out.

3. I need some serious cold weather gear if I’m going to try to ride some through the winter. My feet, hands, head, and legs were FROZEN. Temperature never got above 40.

4. I get really snotty when the weather gets cold (this happens running or even just walking outside) so I think I might try taking something to dry it out a little next time. Right now I have a bright red nose just like Rudolph!

5. I need to work on hill training. At one point I saw a 4.5 MPH on my bike computer going up the hill.

Overall though it was an amazing ride with Mr. Pi—we did it!

Today, I ran a baby run of 4.5 miles. My legs aren’t so much sore as they are heavy. But my real reason for not doing a long run was because it was f’ing cold outside! It never got above 32.5!!!! I started out with Zoey and thought I’d take her 4 miles drop her back off at the house and decide if I wanted to go back out. By the time I got back after 4.5 miles, I was freezing and the wind was so brutal my already raw nose was hurting and my eyes were stinging so I called it a day.

This week I also tried out a Masters swimming club. I’m going to check out all the ones in town before February and then make a decision. They group was great however, I’m leaving my options open.

I’m counting the days until I go home to see family and friends! 11 full days left in Portland then it is time to head home to Cali! Goal for the week---finish Xmas shopping! I started off so well and was half done by mid-October but then fell off the shopping wagon.


  1. Great job on the ride! Yes, shoe covers and thick gloves are so necessary riding outdoors this time of year! Well done! Looking forward to hearing if you find a good masters program for you!

  2. lotsa PRs indeed! Good job on your longest bike ride!

    running in the cold is one thing. riding in the cold is something entirely different. i can't do it. but my husband does. takes some serious cold weather gear! good luck with that!

  3. That sounds like an awesome bike ride! Great job.

  4. I did PR, by 30 minutes!!! Thank you for the shout out and all the twitter fun :)

    Great bike ride pics... and ugh, I hate biking uphill. Sometimes it's just easier for me to walk it up, LOL!

  5. You're a natural on the bike! Love the 30+ MPH! :) Nice job on the ride.

    It's freezing out there! Can I come to Cal with you? hehe

    See you Weds!

  6. Great work this weekend! Awesome pics :)

  7. Look at you, Miss Riding-Machine! I know if we were closer, you'd totally turn me into a triathlete!

  8. Nice distance PR on the bike!

    I get really snotty too in the cold, bah!

    I like you and little Zoey run together. I bet it's a super cute sight to see!

  9. Good job on the bike!!! I love the photos - Justin cracks me up and your hair is getting so long!

  10. Awesome bike ride! I'm hoping to start upping my mileage again soon! I'll have to get some good ride routes from you :)

  11. Nice job on your ride...44 miles is a LONG way! You look super cute in your riding gear:)

  12. thanks for all your cheers yesterday and this entire year girlie!!! <3

  13. Sounds like a successful ride! You finished and you learned some good lessons!

  14. Congratulations on the new distance PR!! Shoe covers do make a huge difference on cold days. I highly recommend them!

  15. Congrats on a biking PR! I don't know how you cyclists do it. Great job out there!

    Thank you so much for the shout-out!

  16. very cool! ya just gotta bundle up for the cold weather bike rides. 44 miles is a great distance. did you feel like you wanted to run a half marathon when you were done? (half ironman follows a 56 mile bike ride with 13.1 mile run)

    fuel for the bike is just like fuel for the run. 200 calories an hour, i keep one bottle of gatorade and one bottle of water on the bike, and tape 1 gu to the top bar for every 25 miles i plan on riding. i don't take the gu unless i know i am hungry and still have an hour left. every 25 miles i stop and refill my bottles - that's why i was so pissed that the b2b half iron didn't have an aide station until 31 miles into the bike leg.

  17. Wow, you're on a roll! Nice work girl.

  18. yep, I'm a maniac too :) thanks for the shoutout and nice job on the mileage PR for the bike! I can't wait to get out there and start exploring!

  19. Thanks for the shout out! :) Nice job on the bike. I'm still a little afraid of bikes and will be sticking to the bike in the gym. Xoxo