Monday, December 14, 2009

Baby it's cold outside

Actually it warmed up today to a whopping 40! Who ever thought I would think 40 was an improvement?

My weekend was uber productive, Mr. Pi and I pretty much got all of our shopping done on Saturday. Saturday night I was doing this...We also got Mr. Pi a little present...

Spartacus has a new friend!

Sunday we got in a very cold and icy run. We tried a different route and it was really nice. I felt like the entire city was out running. I was amazed by how many people I saw in SHORTS! It was 25ish degrees outside! Crazy! Sunday was one of the slowest runs I’ve had in a long time. I was definitely cautious of the ice and resorted to a mere shuffle in some spots. I also ate it on the Hawthorne Bridge. I slipped and barely caught myself before totally falling on my arse. It wasn’t my best run but I made it and felt great the rest of the day.

Brrrrr, frosty and icy!

Cool fog on the river.

Hawthorne Bridge...where I ate it!

I’m still on my quest for 1000 miles this year. Currently, at 924.67, I’m not sure I’m going to make it but I’m going to keep plugging away. I’m still getting in my crazyweights classes but other things have fallen a bit off. I’ve been concentrating on running to get in those miles! Last week, I had two great runs and two that I’m just glad got done.

Tuesday-AM weights class/PM Great run with Gazelle on Terwilliger
Wednesday-AM Great speedy FREEZING run with co-worker/PM girls night with Emily and Jen
Thursday-Off/Concert with Mr. Pi and Sarah yay!
Friday-PM run with co-worker on Terwilliger (not so great run)
Sunday-AM run with co-worker and Mr. Pi (not a great run but a pretty one at least)

I’ve had a few people ask me about my 2010 race plans. I am going to do a post on my 2010 goals and race schedule sometime this week or next. I’m going to leave you with a picture of Zoey, doesn’t this look nice?!?!?!