Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2009 Goals Revisited & Cycling Pics

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In honor of it being the first day of the last month of the year, I decided to re-evaluate my goals for 2009.

When I started 2009, I never thought I would discover a love for triathlons. I think my 2010 goals are going to look somewhat different than they did in 2009. For the month of December, I’m hoping to check off at least a couple more of the goals listed below and to enjoy the holidays.

1. Run three marathons—I ran two marathons Arizona and San Diego. After San Diego, I decided I needed a break from marathon running.

2. Run a half in 2:15 or less—I ran three half marathon’s in 2009. One I did purley for fun (Nike Women’s), one I PR’d but not 2:15 and the third was a disaster but I made the best of it. I will carrying this goal into 2010.

3. Run 1000 miles for the year—I’m currently at 89X, which means December will need to be a high mileage month for me to hit this goal. I’m not counting it out but I’m also not planning to kill myself to make the 1000.

4. Run a 100 mile month (without getting injured!)—I did three months over 100 while training for SD.

5. Read at least 1 book per month—I definitely did not do this but I think I may have read 12 books this year. I started with “Edgar Sawtelle” (Oprah book club book). Then, I blew through the “Twilight” books all 4 of them, in a matter of days. I also read “Marley and Me” (minus the last 20 pages which I could not read, I’m a sap). I started and finished “Ultramarathon Man” in about a week. Then, I went on a reading hiatus, until Sarah gave me “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” (which I didn’t like, sorry Sarah). She also gave me book 1 of Harry Potter, which soon after I was asking for book 2 and 3 and 4. I’m currently on Book 5. Let’s see that’s…11 total. I’m sure I’ll finish book 5, 6 and 7 of Harry Potter before the end of December, making the total for the year 14.

6. Contribute more regularly to my savings—I started an auto transfer to my savings, it’s a small amount but it’s something.

7. Pay off my car—DONE!

8. Be more social—I think this is a success. I love my friends and they have in turn made me much happier in Portland. I’d like to attend a few group runs around town. The Run Oregon blog through the Oregonian has posted several group runs, I need to bite the bullet and just go. I’m also considering checking out one of the local triathlon clubs.

9. Lose 15 lbs—Um, well…I haven’t gained anything from when I made this claim. However, I am taking from now until mid-February (aka when I start my tri training) to work on nutrition and hopefully take off a few lbs.
Totally unrelated to 2009 goals, I wanted to post some pictures from last weekend’s ride. Mr. Pi and I headed west toward farmland. We ended up turning down a random street and were treated with stellar country views and miles of road with no cars! I was inspired to purchase "Rubber to the Road" (volumes I and II) which list rides around the Portland area. I pretty much read them cover to cover (hey, does that count as two more books?) and got really jazzed about exploring more of Oregon via Spartacus. We’re still novice cyclists and I’ll be continuing to hover around the 20-30 mile range I think for a good long while. I need to learn a few cycling basics first (drinking while riding, going downhill without braking and blowing snot rockets instead of pulling over to use a tissue).

Post ride grub!