Sunday, November 8, 2009


Whoa it’s November already, where did the fall go?

It’s been a little while since I posted but I have some fun things to update you all on.

Last weekend, I had a horrible last 4 miles of my long run and was kinda lack luster all week. I did take some fun pictures! And really, it wasn’t THAT horrible of run in fact, the first 7 miles were awesome. I was under 11:00 which is speedy for me on hills (or really any long run). I don’t know quite what happened, in the last 4 miles my pace dropped by almost a minute per mile. Whatever, I finished and I survived!

Tryon Creek Park
Me around mile 5, all smiles!
Sun came out around mile 8.

This week I made a triumphant return to crazyweights (and had sore everything to prove it). I plan to continue crazyweights through the winter. Get all buff before…


BARB’S RACE 2010 70.3

Barb's race is part of the Vineman triathlon series. I’m still thinking through a training plan but I’ll have two partners in crime Kristen and Tara. We’ve decided we’re team KAT! I’m excited to hear from CarolinaJohn, Caylx and Missy who all raced B2B this weekend!

I had a great Saturday night belting out tunes to celebrate one of my favorite people’s birthday’s—SARAH! There are some great pics on facebook. It was re-enforced that I cannot sing but a surprise rockstar was our almost-ironmaner Jen! She can sing!


Sarah belting out the spice girls!

Needless to say, I’m exhausted today and it’s still stormy here in the NW so a long run for the week is looking unlikely. I am still planning the EWEB Run to Stay Warm ½ in two weeks. My training plan proved to be a little too overzealous for me so I’ve modified what I started with. I am planning two longish runs this week to make up for my lack of one this weekend. (Maybe an 8-10 sometime this week and a 12-13 next weekend.) I’ve decided running in the dark sucks, especially at night. For some reason dark in the morning is less scary than dark at night which means, I NEED TO GET OUT OF BED in the morning! Ptown runners, who wants a morning running buddy?!?!?!

I mentioned before a virtual race. Since I am already planning to organize a run/race here in Ptown for my runner buds on Thanksgiving and in honor of the very first race I ever ran, I decided to host a Turkey Trot! I’ll have bibs available and an official race registration post in a few days. Thanksgiving is such a great day to run for so many reasons. Lots of cities offer an official turkey trot but for those of you who don’t have an official race to run in (and even for those that do) you can participate with other runners in a virtual trot that’s free!!!!! I only know of one reader from overseas (the lovely Boston bound Petra) but for any of you lurkers out there, here’s your chance to partake in an American tradition…well, an American runner tradition how ‘bout. Be on the lookout this week for race registration!

My goal for the week is to GET UP IN THE MORNING and run/lift/spin/swim…! Who’s on the AM train with me?