Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rock the Clock

I am rockin’ the AM train.

Monday-Rest other than a fun walk with Zoey!
Tuesday-Weights AM/5 mi Hill Run PM (got stuck in a downpour—such is life in the NW)
Wednesday-4 mi tempo run AM (two miles at 9:45)
Thursday-Weights & Spin AM
Friday- 5-7 mi Run AM (planned)

Bo-ya! Sorry for the boring re-cap. But I had to share my AM success of the week. I’m lovin’ it and feel like I have tons of energy. I do crash about 8:45 pm but I’m also wide awake at 5!

I’ve been uber busy at work so I haven’t had time to create the race registration for my virtual turkey trot but I will be offering a plethora of distance options, including: a family friendly 1 mile (also an option for this awesome lady who will be 4 days post-IM!!!!!), 5k, 5 mi, 10k, 10 mi and the motherload of calorie burning Half Mary! Assuming the weather isn’t terrible, I’ll be going for the motherload! Look for clickable bibs soon. (RunningLaur, I may need your expert advice on bib design and clickability.) P-town peeps, I’ll be posting a meeting spot and time for our “live” trot (distance to be determined by the individual…I’m hoping maybe I will get to meet CilleyGirl and hang out with Cindy again!). I’ll be printing out a bib for myself (and Mr. Pi—yes hon, you get to wear a handcrafted bib), if anyone else wants a real bib I’m happy to print others.

Thank you to everyone that commented on my 70.3 aspirations. I have been so inspired by so many of you and really appreciate everyone’s willingness to share their training plans, advice, etc. My goal in the next few months is to hit weights and build up a good strength base. Over Thanksgiving and Xmas, I’ll be sorting through all of the wonderful training plans I’ve collected and will develop a plan of attack (the plan definitely needs a catchy name like Kristen’s Project SUCK-IT).

I added a few new pieces of winter essentials into my closet. A headlamp and running tights. If I’m brave enough to take pictures in spandex maybe in my next post I’ll have a picture for you. (I know Mica will be disappointed that this post is pictureless…sorry chica!)

As we start to think about 2010, I found a coupon for a local race already! Anyone wanting to plan in advance, here’s a link to a $5 coupon for Race for the Roses.

Happy Thursday…almost Friday (for some of you, it is your Friday—not fair!)


  1. have you tried out the headlamp yet? I'm curious as to your thoughts. Starting next Tuesday I am back to the running (and since it's a Tuesday, it'll have to be a dark run). I may just try the architect's lamp, but want more details. :)

    I need to develop a SUCK-IT plan, too! :) I love making training plans.

    Way to go on the awesome morning workouts. You are a better woman than I!

  2. A week ago and I would have been all over this! (Not just the free part but the chance to meet up too!) I already signed up for the trot at the zoo for turkey day :( But sign me up for your next one :)

  3. great job on the AM workouts girl!

  4. Thanks for making mine for me! ;)

  5. greeat job girl. I keep trying to get up in the AM...and I keep failing. keep us posted on the turkey trot :D

  6. Great job on the morning workouts!! That's so awesome. I bet it is so nice to just be able to relax in the evenings!

    I also officially broke out the tights this week. And I also ran in the rain a bunch. But as you said, that is what we get! And really it's kind of fun even when it's awful.

    I'm SO excited for you to do the half ironman!! You're going to have so much fun training and I can't wait to do some rides and stuff together. I'm not sure what my plans are for next year but I'll be supporting you 100%!

    The virtual turkey trot is such a great idea. I can't wait to see the bibs! I might actually be walking a 5k in San Diego with the fam... maybe I'll wear your bib too? hehe!

    I miss you! See you when I get back I guess? :O

  7. Sounds like fun.. I may be in the area...not sure on what day yet??

    Hugs to successful Am runs.. How did your spandex work out?

  8. Can't wait to register - I now have 3 entrants in Lincoln, UK - so we're building up a movement here.

    AM workouts are great - I'm impressed. As for half iron goal. AMAZING! Can't wait to read how that goes.

  9. Good job getting up early! :)

    Count me in for the 10k for sure. I will make Kevin, Lisa and her boyfriend participate too since we are all running together!

    My arm warmers (I have leg warmers too) are a brand called Boure (a cycling clothing company). My dad actually bought them for me for cycling since I would be so cold in the am but not want to have to carry an actual shirt with me when I got hot. I could just slip them off and put them in my bike jersey. I have never tried another brand but I love mine. They are super soft and stay up really well w/o being tight on the arms. Great too that I can use them for running.

  10. I love Project Suck It! Kristen kills me. Let's hear it for 70.3! That rocks. I do love a half IM.

  11. Yeah, definitely let me know how the headlamp works out.

    :) No problem about the photo-less post. Haha, I'm like the photo police!

  12. Race for the Roses...April in Portland-sounds so nice!!

    Which 70.3 are you thinking of doing??

  13. Good work on all the early morning workouts! They are so nice once you actually do them (just not when you're in a snuggly bed...)

    I can answer all of your virtual race questions - it can be quite an undertaking, but is SO worth it. Feel free to send me an email at runninglaur at yay! :)

  14. you are much stronger than me .... i struggle with morning running. i know if i could just do it a few times, i'd get into a routine, just can't. So exciting about 70.3!! Maybe in 2 years for me :)

  15. Just catching up.. I am sorry you won't be at CIM, I would love to meet you sometime. Count me in for the turkey trot if its not too late! Also exciting that you are going for 70.3! Which one are you thinking of? I was casually eyeing the Sonoma 70.3. Looks beautiful!

  16. I love the AM train! My running group meets at night on Tues adn Thrus but I would much rather work out in the morning. Less excuses to skip:)