Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Race Report: EWEB Run to Stay Warm 1/2

Not a lot to report so this should be quick. I wanted a PR and I was on track to PR until mile 5 when I stopped at my first port-o. I don’t know what happened. I felt fine at the start, the weather was perfect (chilly but sunny), the course was FLAT and really pretty however, around mile 5 my body revolted. I ended up making 3…yes, count ‘em, 3, port-o stops (UGH). I ended with an extremely disappointing 2:35 (which is 10 minutes slower than my current PR). I would definitely do this race again and it made me excited for the Eugene Half Marathon, as much of the course is the same. It was a really small race (at least the ½ was). I don’t normally like small races but I really enjoyed myself, minus the port-o stops and feeling icky. Oh well, there is always spring 2010 for a ½ PR. I’m planning at least two ½’s in the spring so hopefully one of them will hold my PR.

BIG shout out to my super speedy hubby Mr. Pi, who definitely earned his Mr. Speedy Pi name, 1:33:48/7:10 pace! Great job honey! Also shout out to the co-worker who PR’d with 1:56. Nice job running buddies! Thanks for walking back half a mile or so to cheer me on and run a few feet with me. You guys are the best!

Sunday I spent stalking Jen kick ass in Arizona at IMAZ. It was really awesome to see her via live feed cross the finish line and become an IRONMAN!!! Very inspiring. Really makes me excited for Barb’s race! Jen, you are amazing! (p.s. Thanks Zach for keeping us posted throughout the day via FB.)

There is still time to sign up for the Virtual Turkey Trot on Thursday. So far I have almost 30 participants! I’m treating my trot as my long run for the week and plan to take it nice and steady and enjoy my fellow p-town trotters for the first 3-5-6 miles, depending on what distance they choose to do. You have until tomorrow to sign up. To sign up, just leave me a comment telling me you want IN and what distance you plan to run, if you’re undecided on distance, no worries just report back when you’ve finished.

Happy Almost Thanksgiving!


  1. sorry you had tummy issues, but i have no doubt you'll get your PR in the spring! Congrats to your hubby and co-worker! One day we'll be cheering on your IM finish :D

  2. great job on getting that race in there! I am hoping to get a new 1/2 PR in 2010, too! I am looking forward to getting my distance legs back & starting some speedwork! WOO! :)

    Can't wait to see you Thursday for the trot!

  3. I am hosting a Giveaway and was thinking of giving people an entry if they have or will run your Virtual Turkey Trot.. If you think that is OK let me know :)

    So sorry about your yucky tummy...I HATE that bad feeling/running days can fall on race day... UGH!!

    What no pictures from the race?

  4. Sorry to hear about the stomach issues. Wehave all had those. Never fun when it happens. Also congrats to you husband on the solid time. You guys are the running couple.

  5. stomach issues are the worst!!! you still did great though and will totally have that half PR in 2010!!

  6. I stopped 6 times during malibu :( HATE stomach issues..grrrrr!!! great job on pushing through and getting done! Following Jen this past weekend has also made me get pumped up to start training for Barb's :)

    I'm IN for teh Turkey Trot as well since there isn't any close by my parents :) I'll be running 5 miles!

  7. Sorry that your race didn't turn out, but you still have another half marathon on the 'done' list!

  8. So sorry to hear about the GI stuff. Such a drag, but I'm glad you were able to enjoy the rest of the day. Here's to your PR in the Spring!

  9. I'm sorry you had a rough race and weren't feeling great. You'll be primed and ready for a PR in your next half! And congrats to that super-fast hubby of yours.