Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Spartacus (aka my bike) and I took a jaunt to work this morning. This is what we saw...

Spartacus and behind him...beautiful sunrise!Hello Mt. Hood! You are so purrrty.

This doesn't do the view justice at all...the fog was rolling over the hills across the river.

More Mt. Hood and the sunrise.

This is a view northeast, where if the iPhone camera was better you could see Mt. St. Helens.

It's days like today that I feel lucky to live in Oregon.

Turkey Day is tomorrow! I'll be trotting along with my fellow P-towners in the morning and gorging on yummy food in the afternoon. Trot along with us...sign up for my virtual turkey trot (leave a comment telling me you want to enter and what distance you'll be running).
P.S. Mica, did I redeem myself for lack of pictures lately?


  1. Awesome pictures!! Love love the Northwest. OK so I will be in P-Town on Friday and Saturday, just thought i should mention that.

    Still have no idea what distance hubby and I are doing. I am thinking 1 FAST mile.. Hmmm.

    I LOVE the bag, I have it in Green.. So perfect for a busy Mom.

    Hugs and Happy holiday..

  2. Wow, beautiful scenery!! I really need to travel out west again. My brother lives in Vancouver, and I've never been... hmmm. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  3. Love the pictures!! You live in a very beautiful area.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! I'll be trotting tomorrow too! A probably very muddy rain/snow mix, trail 5k--eek!

  5. Ah, you make me want to move there - so pretty!

    I'll be doing a 10k tomorrow as my official distance, but I'm hoping to just do it as a training run, since I have a half next weekend.

    What race are you thinking of in AZ next year? You have a free, super fun, place to stay as long as I still live here (which is the plan for now)!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

  6. You did! I love the photos of your and Spartacus' adventures, and I am jealous that I cannot come along too!

    I am also excited about your race tomorrow, though my knee is wonky. I'll try to get some distance out because I want to participate in the fun!

  7. ok...I want to live in Oregon!!! So jealous!

    I hope you had a great day! I know you had a good run this morning! I ran a 10K-wasn't virtual since it was a Turkey Trot...but I was running with you guys in spirit!

  8. You always have the most gorgeous pics from your runs/rides. Rich and I are thinking about planning a vacay to Oregon next year for a race and to check out some wineries.