Friday, October 2, 2009

What were you doing this morning?

While many of you were probably sleeping I was running my long run. I kept telling myself if Aron can get up at 4:XX to run 18 miles before work, I can get up at 5:15 to run 10. I also knew I wouldn't be running in the dark alone since my co-worker was also going to be running. Today was also her birthday so I totally stole the idea of making birthday bib's from Emily, who did bib's and timing "chips" for Jen on her birthday. Here are the bib's I made, laminated with packing tape--I'm so resourceful!
It was a very dark 3.5 miles but my co-worker had her head light and I had Mr. Pi's flashy bike light so we were fine. We also saw a surprising number of runners braving the streets at o'dark thirty.
I leave tomorrow with Mr. Pi for a wedding in Napa and on Sunday we fly out to Hawaii (for another wedding on Wednesday). I normally get nervous about traveling and pack wayyyyy in advance but this time, I haven't thought much about the trip at all (except to check the weather in Hawaii). As I rolled into work almost 2 hours after I normally get there, it hit me, I'm going on vacation! Yay! I have a birthday dinner to attend tonight and nothing to wear since I flaked on the lovely Grippo yesterday morning where a dress exchange was supposed to happen. Oh well, I'll find something decent in my closest (hopefully).
As for the news that I've alluded to for a couple of weeks. Well, it's really not that exciting but I've decided to sign up for another half marathon this fall (besides Nike) and try for a PR. I'm setting any time goals other than a new PR. Since I almost PR'd on a training run last weekend, I am fairly confident I can beat my old time. On November 21st I'll be running in tracktown on a flat course along the Mackenzie river...I just hope it's not raining, but it is what it is. Another friend from work will be running her first 10k and Mr. Pi is likely to run the half, it'll be a fun carpool down to Eugene.
I'm taking Netty the netbook to Hawaii so hopefully I'll be able to upload some pictures to make you all jealous of the sunshine and beaches!
Last but not least special shout out to some very awesome peeps running marathons/half marathoners this weekend (I hope I didn't leave anyone out):
Aron and Tara at Cowtown (I'll be ringing my invisible cowbell for you both!)
Emily , Kristen and Michelle in Portland (I wish I was going to be here to cheer for you both. Jen said she'd shout a little extra for me! Rock it ladies!)
RoadBunner running the SJ half! You got this girl! Sub-2 is YOURS!
Gazelle in Milwaukee for marathon #1 (savor it!)