Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I wish I was a more consistent blogger because I feel like everytime I do post I have a million things to recap!

Last week I felt like I was battling something so I didn't do a whole lot, I did run one glorious midweek run at a 10:XX pace on hills, which for me, is fabulous!

Saturday Mr. Pi and I went with JM and her man to the Field of Screams haunted corn maze on Sauvie Island, which despite the mile long line, was really fun. I used to be a summer ONLY kind of girl but there is something about the crisp fall air, pretty fall leaves, hot cider and scarfs that is growing on me. (That's not to say I don't miss my flipflops, hehe.)

Saturday Mr. Pi and I also introduced a new member into our family. World, meet Spartacus! (Thanks Tara for the awesome name suggestion. I have a feeling Spartacus and Fabio will be great friends.)
Isn't he handsome? He's my new Specialized Allez road bike. I'm nervous about the clipless pedals and skinny tires but I'm sure I'll get used to it with time. Jen said something funny to me the other day about getting used to a new bike and improving on the bike in general. I guess there is a saying called TITS (time in the saddle), hahaha! I can't wait to get in a good ride, sadly, the weather has been less than ideal for bike riding. I'm hoping for one clear day this weekend.

Sunday Mr. Pi, Jen and I went out the Banks Vernonia trail for a run. It was drizzly but not pouring. So crazy that I'm running in that kind of weather. It doesn't really even phase me too much anymore. Jen was running 17 miles, Mr. Pi and I were both doing 10-12ish. I ended up with 10.5 and I think Mr. Pi did 12 (he still beat me back to the car!). The fall leaves were amazing on the trail, I tried to snap a few pics while running, sorry for the blurryness!
Mr. Pi

Pretty trail, I think Mr. Pi is a little dot in the background.Jen over the bridge as we started out.Jen's in this one too but it's super blurry. Look for the pink/orange dot.
Me!Pretty trail!
Me, with my hot cider, dry clothes and Harry Potter waiting for Jen to finish her 17. (Yes, I am just now jumping on the Harry Potter train. Already through book 1 and well into book 2.)
I had a good run last night. 3 easy miles @ 11:04 pace. I didn't go the super hilly way but I still have at least 1 mile of hills (which was my slowest mile clocking in at 11:15). After the run I did a weights circuit with lots of abs at while catching up on TV online. I am feeling my arms, back and abs today--ouch!
I'm really trying to hit 1000 miles for the year. I'm pretty close, currently, 807.07. This means I pretty much need two months of 100 miles. Lately, my miles per week has varied a LOT. I had one week of 31 miles, then the next was only 15. I'm really trying to stay consistent and hit the 20-25 range.
D10 sent me her tri maintenance plan and I've been looking at new plans for myself as well. I have a goal half in a few weeks that I'm currently training for with a new plan I created last week. It's a modified version of a Runner's World plan. I know tempo runs (or Pfitz users, LT runs) are great at building speed but I have such a hard time fitting them in since it's really hard for me to do a tempo run on hills and every route by my house is hilly. I'm thinking I may need to do these runs on the tready or the track. I'm going to stick to my plan as closely as possible but try not to stress out too much about pace. All I really want to do is beat my current PR, I don't have any other goals.
Happy Wednesday!
P.S. I'm thinking of hosting a virtual race a la RunningLaur style. Is there an interest in that fellow virtual friends?


  1. I am interested...for sure. What would the distance be??

    Love the pictures!! You are so stinkin cute.. And welcome to your new family member.

  2. 1. It looks so rainy there!

    2. Oh you'll be addicted to Harry Potter! It's hard not to just read through them so fast once you get into it - they get better as you go :)

    3. Good job with all the miles - you look right on track for 1000 miles. That's my goal too - we're such running twins.

    4. I'd totally do a virtual race. My next one will be Dec 21st, so just don't do it then :P

  3. Beautiful bike! My first bike was an allez and I'm still kicking myself for every selling it! Let's do a run one of these weeks after work.

  4. Yay, for the new bike! I am still getting used to the clipins. On one hand they are easier in that you have a more fluid movement but I am still a little wobbly.

    What a beautiful trail! Wish we had some of those in Sac.

  5. Those pics are gorgeous... I want to come back!!!!

    I love the HP books... they only get better as you read each one, promise.

  6. Consistent blogging is overrated:) So...great job on the fast paced hill run, love the new bike, great fall pics, and I hope you love Harry Potter. It's my favorite series I've ever read, SO much better than the movies IMO. About the bike, do you ride on the road with cars? I just cannot get over my fear of that, I'm afraid to go too slow and hold up traffic or to get hit. Any tips?

  7. Sweet bike!!! Very cool. I hope you get alot TITS this winter.

    All of my tempo runs were done on hills. Not the BIG hills by my house (and the ones I'm picturing at yours) but smaller more rolling types. I think running tempo on hills really helped my speed!

    I think I would do the virtual race.

  8. Whoa, I don't know much about bikes, but Spartacus is one good-looking badass!

    I usually don't like riding my bike except to class, but your trail photos made it look like a lot of fun! Maybe I should look into it, except everywhere here is oogly.

    I'm up for a virtual race!

  9. WOW!!!!!!! That is so cool!! :) What a shiny new toy and I'm so excited for you! :) Congrats! Welcome sparti! :)

    Those pictures are so cute too. Love it all!

  10. ohhh your bike is beautiful, gosh it makes me want a nicer one!! yeah for pretty fall

  11. nice bike!

    virtual races are always fun. What exactly are you thinking...tell us more!

  12. Yay for a great run! I live in arkansas and I've been running in the rain just about everyday for the last month!- it's crazy weather here!

    Love the bike! I think it would be so much fun to start biking too!

    Thanks for letting me visit! love your blog!

  13. Is it appropriate to call Spartacus pretty? ;)

  14. Ooooh! Love the bike! TITS, never heard of that, but too funny! I so wish we lived closer, and maybe in a warmer, less rainy/snowy climate, we could ride and train for a triathlon together!!! Lovely pics!

  15. LOVE, LOVE Sparticus!!!! :) hehe I need major TITS!!!! lol I am still just riding using my running shoes :-/ I'm especially loving Fall this year's very comforting!