Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September Goals & A bit of Crazy

Lots of bloggers have been excited to see the calendar turn to fall. I’m a summer girl so I can’t say I’m super excited but there are nice things about fall: PUMPKINS (and all things pumpkin), soup, my knee high boots, scarves and fall colors.

Fall also means the end of Tri season. I thought my last tri was going to be on September 27th but it is looking like that weekend may not pan out. (Kristen, I’m still hopeful but we shall see.) So, instead I did something crazy! My inspiring Tri-Guru (aka Jen) mentioned she was doing a race on September 12th, I looked it up and…GULP…signed up! I’ll be doing the Aluminum Man Sprint Tri on September 12th in the gorge. I’m a little nervous about the bike portion, since I’m still on my creaky mountain bike, I’ve been a bit of a bike slacker and the course is supposed to have “gentle” hills (whatever that means?). It’ll be fun to have Jen there, she’s doing the Olympic Tri. I know I can complete the distance, at this point it’s about becoming more comfortable with the sport—improving my time would also be nice but this course looks a bit tougher.

Gazelle has inspired me to do a post on monthly goals. Here are my September goals:

1. 80 miles running (If I avg 87 for the rest of the year, I’ll hit 1000—I think I’ll get close)

2. 5 spins (There are 5 Wednesday’s in September so I’m planning 5 spins with Jen!)

3. 120 miles biking (This is 30 miles per week…I could knock that out in one long ride so I’m hoping this is a realistic goal)

4. One interval swim workout a week (I’m not going to set a monthly yardage goal, I’d just like to work on speedwork this month)

5. Read a damn book! (JM lent me several intriguing books I just need to get comfy on the couch and read them.)

6. Start my Xmas shopping

7. Plan a winter getaway (preferably with the whole crew of PBJ’s! Who's in? Government Camp Cabin, Sunriver? I don't downhill ski but I snowshoe and would like to try cross-country skiing.)

I am picking my Mom up at the airport tonight and we have a lot of fun things planned. I may be a little absent from blogland but I'm hoping my next post will be full of fun pictures and stories to share.