Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not every week can be great, right?

Last week was an awesome week of workouts. I felt great, I even felt a little speedy! To celebrate my week of awesomeness I took Monday off.

Yesterday, I had planned a 4-6 mile run with a multiple ironman finisher who used to work down the hall from me (now works in a different building). Well, it turned into more of a walk than a run. The first 2 miles felt good but somewhere on the east side of the river I lost it. I was hot (which I rarely complain about) and tired, my legs felt like lead. We ended up with 4.75 mi/1:03...yikes! At least it was good conversation (right UB?). I had wanted to count that run toward RunningLaur's Fall 5 Miler for which I have my own special bib for being the second registrant but I'm now going to go for a fantastic 5'er on Thursday! Hopefully, it'll be a run worth reporting. Isn't my bib AWESOME?!?!
Tonight due to a work meeting I can't make spin with Jen (SAD!!!!) but I did shove my bike in the car this morning and am planning a ride after the meeting.

Anyone who reads the PBJ's blogs knows that SOMEONE is getting married this weekend. I love weddings. Happy wedding eve, eve! See ya Friday Emily!