Monday, September 7, 2009

Long Labor Day Weekend

I have several pictures from my long labor day weekend so I’ll keep the re-cap short. Wednesday, I had a good spin class with Jen and an awesome brick run post-spin. Had to skip my swim since there was a line to get into the pool and I had a meeting to get to by 7pm. Wednesday night I picked up my Mom for a weekend of fun.

Thursday we got up early and headed toward the coast. We started with a hike in Oswald State Park. It was chilly, foggy and even a little rainy but the hike was still great. Here are a few pictures:

After the hike we headed up the coast to Cannon Beach for lunch. There is a little place Mr. Pi and I discovered with the world’s best brownies so, of course, we had to get one of those!

After lunch and a stroll on the beach we went drove down the coast to Tillamook for CHEESE!

Friday morning, I managed to drag myself out of bed to meet JM and the Gazelle for a run. They went 18, I went 12. It was a good long run! On the way to the run I saw this:

Mom and I had a great breakfast at Gravy post-run. So far, best hot chocolate in town. The portions were huge, I wish I'd taken a picture but I think I was too hungry to pause for a picture.

The rest of Friday Mom and I shopped up and down NW 23rd.

Saturday, I had the best intentions of getting up for an early swim but I was wayyyy too tired. We slept in and went for coffee instead. The plan was to go to Hood River but the weather didn't really cooperate. Instead we hit the outlets in Woodburn. I even started my Xmas shopping (yay)!

Saturday night we decided to hit the town for a nice dinner out. My dinner was AMAZING. Mmmmmmmmmm...
Sunday, I ran a quick 5k and did 20 minutes on the spin bike, while my Mom walked on the treadmill. Again, the weather wasn't the best for traveling to the Gorge so we stayed in and did chores. Not the most exciting but definitely useful. I love that my Mom helped me with my laundry, it was great! (Other than the power going out at the laundry mat. My stuff was mostly dry, thank goodness.)

Sunday night we curled up on the couch with some yummy take out and watched an old classic, a movie my Mom taped for me when I was about 6. It was great!

This morning we woke up to a few clouds but also some sunshine! We walked to breakfast and I treated my Mom to a birthday breakfast cinnamon bun french toast---YUMMY! Then, it was off the airport for Mom.

I met up with her and we did an awesome 6 mile run. I got to hear more about her fab wedding and see her super cute pup! Have I mentioned I love running friends?!?!

I had a great few days off and I'm not really looking forward to going back to work but c'est la vie, right?