Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Great week, greater weekend!

I last left you with a sad, short ride due to mechanical (or human) issues. From there, my week blossomed into pure awesomeness.

Thursday I did a spin class with my co-worker in the morning, had a productive and generally good day at work and went to the gym the evening and busted out an awesome swim. It’s no secret on this blog that I love the pool and swimming but I do get tired in the water. Usually around 2200 yards I get fatigued and I notice my form slipping to the wayside however, Thursday at 2500 yards I felt like I could keep going and going and going (just like the energizer bunny). I stopped at 2500 y mostly because the pool was starting to get a little crowed.

Friday I did a track workout with my Mr. Pi (which I also counted as my Fall Five Miler for RunningLaur’s virtual race). Mr. Pi ran laps on the track I did the track circuit inspired by Kristen.

1 mile warm up
400 m
3 x 10 push ups
400 m
3 x 50 crunches
400 m
3 x 10 push ups
3 x 50 crunches
(I skipped the mile tempo run I had planned here)
2 x 800 m 1:30 RI
2 x 400 m :45 RI (My last 400 m was at 7:42 pace and I passed Mr. Pi! That’s right, I PASSED Mr. Pi! Granted it was only a 400 m for me and he wasn’t doing speedwork but I PASSED Mr. Pi.)
1 mile cool down (really it was more like .70 cool down)

Let’s just say my arms and abs were sore on Saturday!

Friday night I was dancing the night away at the lovely Emily’s wedding. Her wedding was amazing and Mr. Pi and I felt so lucky to be included in her special day. They did a really neat thing with their wedding rings which I’ve never seen before, they passed them around the audience so that everyone at their wedding could touch their rings and silently bestow their well wishes. I thought that was so neat. It was an amazing wedding site and I had so much with the PBJ’s plus a couple of bay area visitors! Jen has lots of pictures on her blog from the night but I’ll leave a couple here too:
The girls with the lovely bride!Mt. Hood at sunset. I'm an ocean girl and I thought this was absolutely stunning. Maybe I'm turning into a moutain girl too.The "A" girls, Angela, Alisa and Amy!

Saturday morning I was pretty tired and a little hung over (hehe) but Mr. Pi and I got on our bikes and biked downtown. It’s not a long ride but the fastest way is on Terwilliger (i.e. HILLS). I run on Terwilliger a lot but have only biked it once. Having Mr. Pi with me made it less scary but it was still a little scary. Mr. Pi went to his office. (Yes, office. Mr. Pi has a temporary position researching and teaching back at the college where he finished his Masters.) I went to the gym to swim. I got in 1000 y straight swim, 300 y of alternating fast/slow 50’s and 200 y of kicking before I decided I was done with the pool. Biking home was hard, it’s more uphill than downhill on the way home, but I made it. I found granny gear and just cranked away. The Portland Triathlon bike portion, rides on Terwilliger so if I want to do that race next year I better buck up!

Sunday, Mr. Pi and went out to the Banks-Vernonia trail. Many of the PBJ’ers have run on the trail, Mr. Pi and I have only biked on it. I knew the first few miles were going to be up hill, not a steep grade but a steady up hill. Mr. Pi was going to be running 16 miles and I was planning a half marathon. He started off in the opposite direction, so he could come back to the car to fill up his water bottle since he lost his fuel belt. I started off strong. I was aiming for 11:15 miles for the first half and I was hoping I could kick it up the second half knowing it would be downhill. Well, at mile 4 my avg pace was 12:10, clearly it was more uphill than I was anticipating (this is even slow for me now on long runs). I was getting discouraged but every time I got down on myself I looked around at the beautiful forest with the sun shining through the trees and was rejuvenated by the peaceful scenery (Again, maybe I am becoming more of mountainey forest girl instead of a beach girl). At the 6.5 mile turn around my avg pace was 12:18. I told Mr. Pi that I would probably avg 11:30 on the way up so I knew he might be getting worried about me. As I turned around, I vowed that I wouldn’t stare at my watch but rather just let my legs go and enjoy the downhill. Of course, I can’t not glance down once in awhile, every time I did I kept seeing 9:XX, sometimes for a brief second 8:XX. I was pumped! I skipped through a few of my slower songs and found some booty shake hippty hop and just cranked it. I saw Mr. Pi about mile 9 and he did say he was getting worried but was glad I was doing so well on the downhill. It was about this time I took a break to Gu and realized if I could keep a 10:00 I might get a half marathon PR. Whoa! How quickly this run had changed from the slowest long run in a long time…to…I might be able to half mary PR. I kept on trucking but failed to remember that 1) I don’t normally run a 9:XX pace and my leggies were feeling a bit tired and 2) the last 1.25 miles were flat no longer downhill. Granted even on fatigued legs and flat ground I was still hovering in the 10:30-10:45 range. I missed the half mary PR by 2 minutes but ended feeling fantastic about my negative split. I know I shouldn’t put too much stock in it since it was on an uphill/downhill course but still, it was a great feeling to push at the end of a long run when my race history has shown a steady slowing of pace.

Yesterday, I rested like there was no tomorrow. My calves were pretty tight so I did some stretching but no other exercise, other than a short walk with Zoey. The lovely Grippo came over yesterday to help me get beautified (i.e. cover my roots). Here are some fun pictures from our home hair dying experience. I have to say I heart Grippo and I’m really sad that she is moving next month. Thanks for helping me chica, couldn’t have done it without ya!

Clearly, no big news in this post it’s coming in a couple of days. Definitely before I leave for wedding #2 and #3.


Why yes, that is laying on the couch and resting hair!Step one in process.Step two.Ta - da the finished product from the back. One really blonde strip but the rest a honey golden color, exactly what I wanted.
And the front.