Monday, September 21, 2009

Awesomeness with a side of booty burn

Like this awesome chica, I too, had a good training week.

I don’t usually workout 7 days in a row but I was feeling good this week and went for 7!

Monday: Swim (you already heard about this workout)

Tuesday: Run- hills (you already hear about this workout too and how it’s the third week in a row of running hills under 11 min pace! Go me!)

Wednesday: Not trifecta success but dufecta success. Spin class with Jen! We had a new guy that we were making fun of on email before we even got to class. We continued to poke fun as his first two songs of spin were boy bands. However, by the end of the hour we were sweatin’ like no tomorrow and concluded his class was HARD! Jen headed out for her run (in the rain---crazy girl.) I waited in line (that’s right, waited in line) for a treadmill to do my run. Stupid gym took out an entire row (AN.ENTIRE.ROW) of treadmills for crappy new elliptical machines. Blah! Run was uneventful and slow but I got it done. The pool had a line 4 people deep so I opted to skip swimming.

Thursday: Being the bad ass I am, I got up and headed to the pool bright and early for some longer sets. I allotted myself a 5 minute “transition” (it’s hard to put on clothes when you’re wet) before heading to the “torture chamber” i.e. Chrisanthe’s spin class. My legs were heavy after boy band palooza class the night before but I managed to finish Chrisanthe’s class strong.

Friday: I really wanted to do a track workout but couldn’t seem to muster the energy after work to do one. Instead I did two “tempo-ish” miles on the track near my place (10:00 mm pace) and 2 miles on hills.

Saturday: Woke up to a rainy morning. Mr. Pi and I still ventured out in the rain for a ride on Sauvie Island. The first 6 miles were pretty rainy and we had doubts we’d finish 30 miles. We headed down a couple of side roads I’d never been on and they were awesome! We even saw J & Z. We both felt great until about mile 25ish. This is where I hit the wall—BIG TIME! However, we still finished strong 30.63 (second longest ride I’ve even done in my life). After this ride, an Olympic triathlon (maybe even 70.3) doesn’t seem so totally out of my reach. Though, Mr. Pi was even wondering how it’s possible to run after a long ride. Clearly, I have a lot to learn about the bike and a lot of room for improvement but 30 miles on a mountain bike without dying is a good start. I definitely had booty burn after this ride!

Sunday: Beautiful, sunshiny, clear morning—a bit chilly but I’ll take sunshine any day! Mr. Pi and I met the girls. The four of us ran together for the first couple miles. I figured JM and Gazelle would take off, since they are now running their long runs just a bit too fast for me. Gazelle took off but JM was having a bit of a rough go—her knee was bothering her and she was feeling sick. Since I’m basically just out running for fun these days I stuck with her. Even with our walk breaks, we ended our stint together a mere :08 seconds per mile slower than my normal long runs (when she runs, she runs fast). I left JM at the parking lot so she could go home and rest and ventured back out on my own for a few more miles. I had planned on 13-14 but decided 12.5 was plenty. Not long after I got back to the parking lot, Mr. Pi returned and shortly behind him Gazelle. We then ventured to breakfast which ended up being a major disaster. We waited about an hour (maybe longer) to get seated. Then, another 30-45 min for food. Granted it was crowded but I thought the wait was a little ridiculous. Next week we decided it would be better to start eating at each other’s houses. I’m all for this plan and Mr. Pi and I are happy to host a post-run breakfast. Be warned though, we are in holy hills land.

Running: 22.75 mi
Biking: 30.63 + 2 spin classes**
Swimming: 3950 yards
**Pure awesomeness!

I start my week today with a sore booty (i.e. booty burn) and heavy legs--today is officially a rest day. Here’s to another great week!