Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Treadmill Tuesday/New Training Plan

Yesterday I had a track workout scheduled post-work (since I had to be at work at 6:30 am). I got home, exhausted from a busy day, but changed and was ready to head to the track when I saw it! It was wet and falling from the sky--RAIN! Anyone who's read this blog knows I'm not a fan. I went to the gym instead for a treadmill speed workout instead. Unlike most runners, I actually like the treadmill (not as much as I used to but I still like it). I feel that the treadmill gives me consistency that I sometimes don't have when I run outside. Anyway, here's how the treadmill speedwork went:

mile 1 : 11:19/5.2
800 #1: 9:23/6.4
RI 4:00
800 #2: 9:05/6.6
RI 4:00
800 #3: 1st .25 8:49/6.8; 2nd .25 8:34/7.0
RI 4:00
800 #4: 1st .30 8:34/7.0; last .20 8:06/7.4
RI 4:00
cool down: .75/11:32/5.2

Total: 4.5 miles
I feel good about this workout. I kept the RI at 4:00 which may have be a little long, my heart rate was pretty much back to normal at the end of 4:00. But I was also able to increase my 800's each time, partially due to the longer recovery.
Other training news:

I’ve been perfecting my training schedule for the next few months keeping in mind I will likely have one (maybe two) more Tri’s for the season and at least one half marathon. I also went back to my goals for 2009 to evaluate my progress and I think I’ve been doing well. I’ll be doing a post later this week on my 2009 goals progress.

If I can figure out how to upload my spreadsheet (anyone know how to do that?) I’ll post my new and improved (slightly crazy) training schedule. The schedule goes through Nike Women’s Half Marathon in October. Essentially, it’s a Tri plan (maintaining 3 x per week of running, biking and swimming). The running portion is a modified FIRST half marathon plan. I’ll be stealing my swim workouts from various tri plans. My plan for biking is one short ride during the week, one spin class with Jen (yay) and one long ride on the weekend. I’d like to get my long ride up to 40 miles before the end of the season, just to see how my body does so I can evaluate my goals for next Tri season. After September 27th, my last Tri for the season, I’ll be concentrating on maintaining Tri fitness (prob 2 x per week swim/biking) and emphasizing toning. Which means I'll be going back to Crazy Weights twice a week.

The next few months will give me a good sense of my commitment to Tri training. I've been scoping out some training plans for next season, some are quite intimidating. My current "schedule" is also intense and I likely won't follow it to the T but I decided I needed something on paper to follow as a guideline. With that, operation rogue is officially over.