Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sometimes life…

Gets in the way, sometimes it’s just laziness. That’s how it’s been for me this week. Sunday, I did lots of walking with the doggies but basically took the day off. Monday, I meant to workout, really I did, but for some reason after walking the dogs I was too tired (I think maybe I did not eat enough that day). Tuesday, was Mr. Pi’s birthday so we had evening plans. I set the alarm to get up for a pre-work track session however; I ended up having to be AT work at 7:00am. Yesterday, I was sad to miss my awesome trifecta Wednesday workout with Jen but my little munchkin Zoey was sick and we spent from 1:30 – 7:30 pm at the vet. She is doing much better today! So there is my lovely 4 days off. I haven’t taken 4 whole days off in…well, I can’t even remember!

In my laziness/life getting in the way, I’ve also become obsessed with creating a new training plan. I think operation rogue is over and I need a little bit of structure. I’ll be unveiling my new plan sometime this week, as I start it next week! I’ve tried to be realistic, knowing my schedule, my body and knowing that I will want to spend time with my wonderful hubby and friends. I’m not quite as obsessed as some, I’ve only planned through October and the Nike Women’s Half Marathon (which I’m not planning to “race” rather to go and have a good time and support my friend who is running her FIRST MARATHON-YAY). However, I have been beginning to think a lot about next year and what type of goals I want to set for myself. I think I found my focus already—Tri’s! I’ve already publicly stated that I will NOT be running any marathons in 2010 and I think that’s a good decision.

Tri season is more than halfway over for 2009, however, I’ve scoped out a few more races for myself. I’m doing a test ride out at Hagg Lake this weekend to see how bad the hills really are, if the ride goes well and my creaky mountain bike can handle them, I’ll be signing up for the Scoggins Valley Triathlon on Sept. 5th. I’ve already committed to the Black Diamond Triathlon on September 27th. And, if I’m feeling overly crazy, I may also throw in the Portland Triathlon on August 23rd (if I can muster the guts to ride Terwilliger at least a few times before the race).

Planning for 2010 Tri season. In the off season, which I’m going to say begins after my last Tri of this year (Sept 27th), I need to do the following:

1) Get a new bike

2) Get a bike trainer for the winter months when it’s raining here and I won’t want to go outside (recommendations for trainers?? Mr. Carolina John gave me one already, thanks!)

3) Lose a few lbs/tone up (i.e. back to crazy weights!)

4) Probably join Masters (I could definitely benefit from coached swim workouts)

5) Work on run speed

6) Learn to swim in a wetsuit/continue OWS (even though I HATE wetsuits, I should probably get one since it is an advantage in the swim)

7) Choose a goal race for 2010

8) Find/create a tri training plan which culminates with my goal race of 2010

To all my Tri readers, suggest other items to add to the list. I’m all ears!


  1. make your 2010 goal race an olympic distance or half ironman. this is only my second year of tri racing, and all i did last year was one sprint, and i'm doing a half ironman in november.

    the difference between a road bike and a creaky old mountain bike is amazing. look on craigslist or ebay and find a used one, or shell out the cash for a new one. you can't go wrong. they make all the difference in the world!

  2. this morning I was thinking I would try to get back to crazy weights starting next Thursday morning. I also need to add more tone & less fat to my body.

    Brad suggests instead of a bike trainer, getting bike rollers - because then you also have to work on balance as well as on the legs.

    I also am thinking of trying a spin class. But am a pansy. A scared, scared pansy. I think I will probably BUY (eek) a wetsuit, but want to lose a bit more weight first so I can make sure it fits.

    Also, now that it's cooling again, maybe we could start doing track tuesdays together after work again? I don't mind heading to your track after work. The #44 bus goes right by your house AND right by my house. We're connected by a bus line! :)

  3. it was a perfect week for life to get in the way :) just finished your first tri and dont have any big race in the next couple weeks!

    hope zoey is ok!! yikes i hate when stuff happens to the pups :(

    cant wait to see what 2010 holds for you in tris!! any idea what length you will attempt? i hear there is a fun all womens half IM up here - we could get the ROHOs out to cheer you on!! :) :) :)

  4. I just read your tri race report-- CONGRATS!!! Aren't they fun? :o)

    Sounds like 2010 is going to be even better!

  5. Tri's are fun. What distance(s) do you want to do next year?

    I think the road bike will be your biggest improvement - and is most important.

  6. i like your plans. i bet with a road bike you will feel like you're flying. john and i have blackburn trakstands, which work pretty well. pretty quiet--i think noise is a big complaint with a lot of them.

  7. That's a great list. Sounds like you have it figured out. You don't necesarily need a wetsuit if your planning on doing tris later in the season when the waters warm. I hate wearing them and only do so if its actually kind of dangerous.

    p.s. I hear the anchorman traithlon here is seattle has an awesome swim. You get to jump off a ferry. that sounds pretty cool! I havn't really gathered much information about the two races that were up in the air. I am assuming the Bonney Lake one will be very small. That's all I got. I wish I could have been more help.

  8. YAY this is exciting! :) I'm so glad zoey is feeling better :( and that you like tris so much! :)

  9. Sorry that Zoey was sick, I hope she's feeling better. Choosing races and setting goals is so exciting!

  10. That's awesome that you're making more tri plans, especially since it involves getting a new bike. ;)

  11. You are crazy, crazy, crazy!! And I like it :)

  12. You've got plenty on there Alisa - and I think that somewhere in 2010 I'm going to start thinking tris... So I'm going to be following you closely. Good luck with it!