Monday, August 31, 2009

Running Friends Rock

First, running friends are the best! I love that almost all of my friends in Portland are active and like to be active together, it’s certainly motivating.

Wednesday: Trifecta success with Jen! I was kinda dragging my heels about this workout. It’s intimidating and I was tired. But the minute I saw Jen in spin class I was ready to go. We had Chrisanthe, our favorite spin teacher, which means class was HARD but the music was AWESOME! After class I hopped on the treadmill aiming for 15 minutes of running. It wasn’t a great run but it was a strong run (15 min/1.43 mi). I definitely feel like I’m getting better at the bike/run bricks. I told myself I would get in the pool if there was a lane open. Sure enough, the pool was empty! I got in and told myself to do an easy swim. I did Emily’s skips for 1000 yards, one 400 at my “push” pace (which for all the runners out there is kinda the equivalent to tempo pace) and a cool down of 100. Yardage-wise it was kinda pathetic but at least I got in!

Thursday: Awesome run with Mr. Pi in Forest Park. I took Mr. Pi up to Forest Park, where I had run with the girls over the weekend. We ran the first 2.25 miles together! It was great to have him by my side, knowing that he was going snail pace for him. He said I was a lot stronger than last summer. I definitely feel that I have improved a LOT on hills. (Member, the first 1.5 miles of this run are a good steady climb.) I ended up running 6 miles total, thought about going 7 but forgot bodyglide and was starting to feel a little chafing! 6 miles/1:07

Friday: I had great intentions of swimming in the morning but got up too late. Instead I did the Shred video in the morning and I ran to happy hour with the crew, hopefully Amy will have photos. 3.7 miles/37:47 (You may be thinking, “wow, that’s fast for Alisa.” Well, it was almost all downhill from work to happy hour.)

Saturday: Due to a sick pup, we slept in and went for a long walk and to breakfast instead of biking. (Note: Zoey is fine. She got new vaccinations on Friday and she seems to always have allergic reactions to them.) Breakfast was tasty and our walk was fun.

Unfortunately, Saturday after breakfast, I dropped Mr. Pi at the airport. He’ll be gone for another week and a half again.

Saturday afternoon, I met Jen at her apt and we eventually moseyed to the pool. We did a long warm-up and some intervals. I ended with 1100 yards, not too bad. Then, we sat in the steam room for a bit before parting ways.

Sunday: I met the crew for our long run. The marathoners-in-training were running 15 miles, I was happy she was there, since neither of us wanted to run 15 miles. In fact, she only wanted to run 6 miles. I convinced her to do 8 with me and I’d tack on a few extra after we got back to the car. Well, she toughed it out and went the whole way with me. 10.2 miles/1:58

The best part of Sunday was breakfast! The girls, Bloody Mary’s (which the restaurant called Bloody Gary’s) and yummy food—what else could you ask for!?!