Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random Catch Up

I had a nice blog post typed up Monday but things got crazy at work so I forgot about it and ended up not saving it. BOO!

Best news of the week: Mr. Pi (aka bestest husband ever) returned on Sunday evening!!!

Worst news of the week: MAJOR bathroom issues on Sunday during and after the run BUT they went away in the afternoon and all was well again.

I haven't been keeping up with my crazy workout plan very well. But the workouts I have done, have been good quality sweatfests! I have started to go back to strength training and I'm definitely feeling it. I do feel that my running, especially on hills, is stronger. I’m not sure if it’s because I now live in Holy Hills land and am forced to run on hills more often or if it’s from my cross training (i.e. Tri training). Most likely, it’s a combination of both factors but it sure is nice!

Sunday, JM picked me up bright and early and we met Gazelle and her kick-ass neighbor, plus Melanie all the way from TN and her friend. It was quite the group. We ventured to Forest Park (I know, scary, trails!) but this particular trail was awesome. It was a wide packed dirt road with few obstacles (i.e. roots, rocks, etc). It was a little hilly but with my new found strength on hills it didn’t feel too bad. What did was my tummy! I knew it wasn’t quite right by mile 2ish but by mile 5, our turnover, it was painful! By mile 8, I took off from the girls (which I NEVER do b/c they are all fast than me) and sped my way down the trail to the port-o. For me, a good long run is 11:30 AP, mile 8-9 8:55 AP, 9-9.5 8:25 AP. I now know what motivates me to go FAST! It was also downhill, hehe.

After the run, JM and I went to breakfast, where I had the yummiest hot chocolate ever! Despite the tummy issues, I enjoyed every minute of breakfast and ended up eating my leftovers in the afternoon when the tummy issues subsided. JM, wanted a Bloody Mary but there was no vodka to be found in the restaurant so she settled for a mimosa, mostly champagne mimosa. Yum! We decided to start planning runs around breakfast.
Monday, I gave my third swimming lesson to Gazelle (and Mr. Pi joined for this one). Both students improved over the course of the lesson and Gazelle even learned to breastroke! I’ve had a few questions come up about swim lessons and swim drills so I thought I’d post a few Utube links I found with some decent swimming drills to try.

Free-style catch up drill:

A video of 3 drills:
Digit Drill, Zipper, Sharkfin

Side-kicking drill (Gazelle and Mr. Pi didn’t like this one):

After the swimming part of the lesson, we all did a good abs workout and I did the Shred video (Jillian make me shredded!).

Tuesday, I was going to run or run and swim but I really wanted a burger, a beer and the couch. Mr. Pi made these burgers, mmmmmmmm, so tasty!

Today is my Trifecta workout day with Jen! I didn't make it last week due to puppy mom duties, I'm really looking forward to it!