Friday, August 21, 2009

New Running Partner

Most of you know I have a fab group of running friends in town, in fact, Jen and I were marveling about how many friends we have that run! Since I’ve been flying solo for the last 10 days, it’s just been me and the pup at home. I leave to go to work every morning and have to say goodbye, not sure how you peeps with kids can leave for work every day! Zoey is a dog, she can’t even talk, yet those sad little eyes make it hard to leave. I’ve been feeling extra guilty about leaving her alone that it’s been hard to get out the door to run when I get home from work because I know she’s been home alone all day. That’s when it occurred to me, why don’t I just take her with me!?!

Mr. Pi and I used to take her for short runs a lot more often but I stopped taking her because she never behaved very well for me, she would pull and yank on the leash. But I decided last week to try and run with her again. She did yank on the leash for about 5 minutes but after that she settled down and kept pace right alongside me, in fact, I’m sure she could run a lot faster than me! I’ve taken her now 3 times and each time we went a little farther. I started with 2 miles, then 2.5 and last night she did 3.5. I think her distance PR is 4.5 or 5 miles, so we’re working back to higher mileage.

I’ve begun to think like Nik and Dan, “how do I incorporate my dog into my training?” I’ve been inspired by Kylie and Emma, Aron’s doggies and by Velcro, Miss Penny’s pooch. I will never give up my awesome PBR’s but sometimes my four legged munchkin and her enthusiasm is just what I need. Running with Zoey is also helping me learn to run sans iPod, since I don’t like to listen to music when I run with her. If you’ve never run with your dog, try it, I think both you and your pooch will end happy. Aron, posted a bunch of great tips on running with your doggie!

Happy Friday!