Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dogs Life

Mr. Pi and I have been dog sitting this week. We’ve had JM’s pup Vaughn. He’s also a Beagle, though larger than Zoey, she is like his mini-me. It’s been a blast having both pups! They keep each other entertained; it’s like a dog park 24 hours a day. Vaughn apparently couldn’t keep Zoey out of the trash the other day though, guess he needs to work on his big brother skills. Zoey is back to 100% and hopefully has learned her lesson about the trash (i.e. stuff in the trash can make doggies sick). Here are a few fun pics of the pups:

Vaughn left, Zoey Right

Being very "Beagle" noses to the ground.

Play time!
Nap time (they like to do this a LOT).

(shhhhh don’t tell JM we let Vaughn on the bed, he’s not allowed at her house…we couldn’t resist)

Nighty Night!