Monday, July 6, 2009

Wild ride to Utah and Back

I'm back from vacation. My email inbox is jammed and google reader is overflowing. I have lots of great photos to share so I'll try to keep the words to a minimum.

Tuesday - Epic road trip (Portland to Salt Lake ~ 12.5 hours)
While it was a beautiful drive, I must say, I got a bit loopy.
Here are a quick 7 things I learned along the way:
1. Parts of Eastern Oregon look like Kansas
2. Parts of Eastern Oregon look like Tahoe (very mountainy)
3. Southern Idaho is teeming with Churches and "highway evangelism" signs
4. The speed limit in Idaho is 75, people go 90
5. Where are all the potatoes? I didn't see any!
6. Utah, despite it's stigma, is really quite scenic
7. 88 miles between rest stops is far!

I'll briefly re-cap my exercise week, didn't get in all the workouts I wanted but had a lot of fun doing the stuff I did!

Wednesday: 7.5 mi bike ride (+ a crash, I'm fine, the bike is wasn't fun and I don't want to do it again but I'm glad I got back up on the bike right away. Note to self: Need bike gloves, they would have helped.)

5 mi run (running at 5000+ feet is way harder than I thought, this was supposed to be a LONG run but 5 miles was all I could muster, even so, I was dripping with sweat and breathing like I'd be sprinting not running at 11:36 avg pace)

15 minute lake swim (took a little getting used to, worst part was remaining calm through the hot/cold patches)

Thursday: 18 mi long ride on Antelope Island in the Great (stinky) Salt Lake (7 great miles of flat causeway to/from the island. In the 7 miles back to the car we avg 14 MPH and kicked up to 21 last mile)

Friday: 7 mi run (again, supposed to be a "long" run but was dead after 7 Found a trail that was really pretty but hard in spots b/c of rocks/mud.)

2 hour kayak in the lake, 1 hour serious kayak, 1 hour more floating (was alone so I didn't want to jump out to swim since I wouldn't have anyone to watch the kayak and there were a lot of speedboats not respecting the buoys)

Saturday: 11 mi interval bike ride (5 min slow, 3 fast)

2.5 mi run/walk with my sister-in-law (we did day 1 of the Couch to 5k, she'll be ready for a 5k in no time!)

1.5 hour kayak with Mr. Pi

All in all, I'd say I earned the beers I drank and yummy desserts cooked by the Dunlap family. I'm ready to hit the pool hard this week and get back to holy hills land, wondering if the altitude running will make running here seem easier?

I'll let the rest be told through pictures.

Famous Bonneville Dam in the Columbia River Gorge.
Another Bonneville Pic.

More of the Columbia River Gorge.

Entering the Blue Mountains, Eastern Oregon.

Near the summit of Blue Mountains, Eastern Oregon.

Welcome to Idaho, land of 75 MPH and flat land.

See I wasn't kiddin, flat, flat, flat.

Idaho/Utah border, still 75 MPH, still flat.Crazy clouds to the right, ended up pouring down rain for a bit. This section of Utah was called "severe weather area."

I finally made it to where the rental house was in a valley tucked away outside of Salt Lake, in a town called Eden. (Other very "Utahian" towns were, Brigham City, Jordan-west and south-, get my drift.)

Views from my runs!

More of where I ran.

The trail I ran on.

Very sweaty me, midrun.

In the home stretch, coming back from a run.Antelope Island marker. There were lots of warnings about bugs and they weren't kidding. (Note to self: Also, need sunglasses to avoid bugs in the eyes.)
Here's me, ready to ride!
Here is Mr. Pi and I on the causeway out to the island. I shoulda pinched my nose, it was stinky!
Along the causeway, the water was so calm. Eerily so.Parts of the shoreline are very barren.
On the island, with the lake in the background.