Thursday, July 16, 2009

Trifecta Success!

Quick update on my successful trifecta workout yesterday...

First and foremost, I didn't die in the pond-yay!

Spin class was killer, 1:00 of sweat fest!

The gym was warm and my legs were pretty tired (second day in a row of heavy biking) so I only managed 15 min on the tready for my brick (1.5 miles)--next week, 20 min!

OWS with Jen and Zach! Like I said, I didn't die. We did a loop of about 600 yards 3 times so, 1800 for the day. The first loop I really tried to get comfortable in the dark, seaweedy water. I stayed close to Jen and kept trying to figure out the whole "sighting" thing. The second loop I tried to swim at a comfortable but more challenging pace. I also encountered my first run-in with another swimmer (a tri club from the area swims at this spot on Wednesday evenings). It wasn't too bad but it was surprising since you can't see if you're about to get up in someones business until it's too late. I also had my first mini freak out. I saw a splash behind me to the right and thought "what the F is that?!?!" um...turns out, it was me kicking. HAHAHA! Third loop was uneventful, really worked maintaining a straight line in the water-- much harder than it sounds. All in all, it was a great experience for my first real OWS. Big thanks to Jen and Zach for letting me tag along.