Monday, July 20, 2009

To Rogue or Not to Rogue

Last week, I went off the “rogue” mindset and back onto a plan. The plan was ambitious and had me working out every day! It was an awesome week. I certainly felt fatigued but in a good way. My leg pain is gone (thank goodness) however; I’ve decided not to run SF half. I’m undertrained for a half and I really don’t want to end up being miserable at mile 10. More on my running plans for the summer to come.

Saturday evening Mr. Pi, Zoey and I went to The Lucky Lab brewery, which we can WALK to. Post-dinner we scouted houses for a little while and returned home for a couple of episodes of BUFFY!

Sunday after our long ride on Sauvie Island we went berry picking—so fun! Sunday evening I went to an impromtu concert with a friend and saw the Decemberists. I was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed their music, being the hippty hop girl that I am!

The weather was perfect all week and weekend!!! We leave on Wednesday for a Cali visit. Can’t wait!

Here’s a re-cap of last week and this week’s plan:
Monday: Swim/Weights
Check (swam 1800 yards and did weights for 35 minutes, including 10 minutes of abs)

Tuesday: Run (track circuit or hill repeats)/Bike (12-15 mi)
Check (ran the track circuit in the morning and biked for 45 minutes in the evening)

Wednesday: Spin (with Jen)+brick run (20 min)/Swim (OWS with Jen and Zach—excited and also scared)
Check, one modification (spin class 1 hour, brick run only 15 minutes too tired and hot to do more, OWS yeah! ~1800 yards- go me!)

Thursday: Run (45 min tempo)/Weights
Half check (Ran Terwilliger curves, aka hills, after work, 4.4 miles in 50 minutes, did not do weights)

Friday: Swim/Bike (1 hour)
Half check (swam 1750 yards, no bike ride drank beer instead)

Saturday: Run Long/Swim Long (or OWS at Blue Lake)—If the weather is good Mr. Pi and I will head out to Blue Lake for a course preview of my Tri, do a long run and an OWS.
Check (Mr. Pi and I went to Blue Lake, I ran 7.5 miles in 1:22 (he ran 10 in the same amount of time) and then Gazelle met up with us and all three of us attempted an OWS in the very crowded swimming area of Blue Lake—I estimated 700 yards total but I’m not really sure)

Sunday: Bike Long
Check (set out to bike 30 miles, ended up doing 25.77 but average speed was up about 2 MPH from last week and felt easier than last week)

Running: 4x = 18.4 miles
Swimming: 4x = 6050 yards (2 OWS!)
Biking: 3x = 3 hours 45 minutes

This week's plan:
Swim or Short Run + weights
*Then dinner with JM!
Tuesday: Run or Swim, whichever is not done today.
Wednesday: Heinous 10 hour drive to Cali, otherwise known as sit on my arse day =)
Thursday (aka My Birthday): Bike + Brick run/non-serious swimming in my parent’s pool
Friday: Long Bike or Long Run + gym pool swim
Saturday: Long Gym Swim + lots of lounging by the backyard pool
Sunday: Long Bike or Long Run depending on what was done Friday

UPDATE: Stuck at work longer than anticpated today so Monday will be a rest day. Will go for a double on Thursday and hopefully will sneak in a short run Wednesday. I think I may becoming obsessed, in a good way!