Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Return of Track least for this week

Last night, I went with Mr. Speedy Pi to the HS track near us. (We can see the stadium lights from our living room but of course we had to climb a holy hill to get there.) I've never done track work with Mr. Pi and I'm not sure he's really ever done track work. I looked up Will Run for Wine's crazy track work/circuit training workout from a few weeks ago (this one) and modified slightly.

Here's what we set out to do:
1st part of workout:
Warmup- 1 mile easy
3 x 10 pushups
3 x 10 tricep dips
2 x 15 walking lunges
400 m
100 crunches
400 m
3 x 30 sec plank
400 m
(total 2.25 mi)
*2 min/1 lap rest before 2nd part of workout*
2nd part of workout:
1 mile (@ tempo pace)
4 x 400 (@ 2:20 with 45 sec RI)--Actual for me, 2:10-2:15 w/1:00 RI walk
Cooldown- 1 mile easy--I did not do, walked home instead ~.65
(total: 3 mi)
Workout Total: 5.25 mi --Actual 5.5 mi

As you can see from my notes, I did modify a few things. This was a FANTASTIC workout. I will be doing this again. I ran the 400's faster than called for, which made me happy but I was also dead tired and couldn't do the extra mile cooldown. Mr. Pi, the speedster, was already done with the mile cooldown while I was finishing my last 400. We both thought this was a great workout. It made the track a bit more fun than just running straight 400's or 800's.

When I do this workout again I think I'll modify a few things. I think I'll add more sets of crunches to make the crunches set 3 x 100 crunches. Maybe tack on another set of something (WRFW had supermans in her circuit) after the last 400 before the break.

I am feeling my legs and arms today (clearly, I haven't been keeping up with my pushups, bad me). If you're looking for an unconventional track session try this workout it's pretty killer!

In other news, I think I may go back to a schedule next week--just for a week--to see how it goes. Shocking I know! I'm really enjoying not having a schedule but in the past couple of weeks I've been reading a few different plans. I'm intrigued by a couple of them so I figure what the hay, I'll try a week. If I don't like being on schedule, I'll stop. I'm flexible like that!

Happy Wednesday---is it Friday yet?