Monday, July 13, 2009

Just when...

I was feeling confident about training and about to embark on a new plan (yes, a plan) injury struck. Last week, I noticed that after my runs there was a pain on the back of my right leg/inner thigh but it wasn’t anything major. On Saturday, I trekked out for what was supposed to be a 10 mile run. I got 1.5 miles in and the pain was so excruciating I said to myself, “this run isn’t worth risking further injury” and walked my sorry ass the 1.5 miles home. The walk home was more of a gimp walk than anything. I iced, stretched and stayed stagnant the rest of Saturday. Mr. Pi and I walked to dinner and back (about 2 miles total) and it was a little sore but nothing like earlier that day. I decided to see how I felt Sunday but if it wasn’t too bad I’d still bike.

Sunday morning came and I was feeling okay so we headed out for a long bike with another friend. There was some early drama when Mr. Pi popped a tire and didn’t have a spare, luckily our friend had an extra bike and Mr. Pi was able to join us! We went 25 miles (which is my longest bike to date). We stopped at the halfway point for a quick stretch, sport beans and some fluids (I do need to learn how to drink and ride). Every time I looked down at my watch we were cookin’ along at 13 and sometimes 14 + MPH however, our overall avg was closer to 12 b/c I don’t pause for stoplights and crossings. I felt really strong on the bike. My thighs and butt were burning a bit by the end but the hamstring/inner thigh pain was non-existent. After the ride we ate lunch in Sellwood at this yummy Thai/Vietnamese place mmmmmmm!

The rest of Sunday we spent running errands, including a stop to buy me a new laptop since my old one crapped out. I am the proud owner of a teeny tiny Netbook, I’ve named him Netty! I’ve always wanted a small computer and now I have one! Mr. Pi will be sharing it but it’ll house all my music and documents (i.e. my undergrad and grad school careers). I have missed being able to create new playlists—I’m a playlist whore, I love ‘em!

So, the plan. I worked up a plan for this week to see how my body (and mind) would respond to being on a more regimented schedule. As I mentioned before, I’ve received a lot of training plans via email lately from friends and family, some of which are completely insane, others are doable. Of course, I created this plan before my injury. All of the runs I have scheduled may end up being bikes or swims or something less painful depending on how I feel. I’m having serious doubts about running the SF ½ in two weeks. If I can’t get in at least two long runs of 10 or 11 miles, I may bow out. Sorry ROHO’s, RoadBunner, and Chic Runner but I would rather not torture myself with 13.1 miles when I know I’m not prepared. Plus, I have that Tri on August 1st (yikes) and I’d like to be injury free. I know I can swim and bike without any pain so I’ll be concentrating on those two areas this week and add in the runs if I’m up to it.

Here is my ambitious plan for the week.

Note: Some of the workouts have time goals, others have mileage goals and some simply say “swim” or “run long.” Most Tri plans are done by time not miles so I thought I’d throw in a few of those to get used to going on time instead of miles. The workouts that say “swim” will rotate through my list of swim workouts and the “run long” will depend on my injury, “bike long” means longer than 25 miles and “swim long” will mean 2400+ or a Blue Lake OWS, depending on weather.

Monday: Swim/Weights
Tuesday: Run (track circuit or hill repeats)/Bike (12-15 mi)
Wednesday: Spin (with Jen)+brick run (20 min)/Swim (OWS with Jen and Zach—excited and also scared)
Thursday: Run (45 min tempo)/Weights
Friday: Swim/Bike (1 hour)
Saturday: Run Long/Swim Long (or OWS at Blue Lake)—If the weather is good Mr. Pi and I will head out to Blue Lake for a course preview of my Tri, do a long run and an OWS.
Sunday: Bike Long

Here’s to a great training week and becoming injury free! And also, creating new playlists—YAY Netty!!! Oh and watching Buffy courtesy of Gazelle who has kindly let Mr. Pi and I borrow her DVDs. I must say, I'm obsessed!