Monday, June 15, 2009

Still going rogue


I finished week 1 of operation svelte and "going rogue."

3 runs (3 mi, 5 mi hills, 10 mi long run) + 1 brick run (1 mile) = 19 miles
2 bike (1 hour spin, 1 road ride 14.5 miles) = ?? miles (anyone know how many miles you ride in a spin class?)
1 swim (200 wup, Emily's SKIPS x 2) = 2200 yards
2 weights (30 minutes from Mr. Speedy Pi's Pfitz book + pushups and abs, 40 minutes at the gym, mostly free weights some machines)

I think "rogue" is agreeing with me. I did only manage 1 swim, which is lame b/c I love it! This week starts week 2 of rogue/svelte. Mr. Speedy Pi and I are likely moving on Saturday so I may not get in the long weekend workouts this time but am still hoping for:

2-3 run, bike, swim (1 long of each)
1 strength session (already have this planned with Gazelle for Wednesday...yes, I did plan something!)

Speaking of long weekend workouts. Gazelle and I did an awesome workout yesterday. We swam (I did 2200 yards) then we went out for a 10 mile run. I guess I should caveat the run since we did do some (lots) of walking but we still covered 10 miles! (Note to self: Eat breakfast before embarking on a double workout, bring more than 2 bottles on the fuel belt since you know you'll get sucked into going whatever distance your friends are going and bring two Gu's so you're not so hungry at the end you want to eat your arm.)

Saturday, Mr. Speedy Pi and I went to the Banks-Vernonia trail and rode our bikes. This was the first time in a LONG time that I've been on my bike. I didn't really have a goal for this ride, just to get comfortable on the bike again. I didn't figure out how to set Garmin for a bike until we were almost done. We did stop a few times but overall I felt good, especially since the first 7ish miles were uphill (not a huge grade but still uphill). This also means the last half was downhill. I'm not a huge fan of going fast so I really tired to make myself be comfortable with the downhill and not ride the breaks the whole way. By the end of the ride, I felt like I could keep going but also felt accomplished that on my first ride I completed a longer distance than a Sprint Tri.

Operation Svelte is also going well. I only went over my calories (according to DailyPlate) once this week, I splurged a little on Friday. I weigh-in Wednesday to see how the first week and a half went.

Here's to another week of rogue/svelteness!