Monday, June 29, 2009

Recap (may be boring) & Munchkin Pics

Week Recap:
Running: 5x (1 brick run) Total: 17.7 mi (all in holy hills land, minus brick)
Swimming: 2x total: 3600 yards
Biking: 2x (1 60 min spin + 22 mi road)
Other: Nadda! NO weights, no yoga- bad alisa!

I had a good training week, not great. With moving and our anniversary, my eating went to pot this week and it showed on the scale (1lb gain UGH). I did get in 2x of running, biking and swimming-GO ME! Sadly, no long run or long swim. I have no excuse--I was just plain lazy yesterday! My bike ride on Saturday afternoon went well, 22 miles, that’s far for me. I decided a couple of things on this ride:

1) I need bike gloves, I have blisters;

2) I need sunglasses (other than my “rockstar” large frame ones- no I didn’t wear these riding, I didn’t wear any sunglasses and ended up with bugs in my eyes-YUCK);

3) I still need to work on getting comfortable on the bike (i.e. re-learning to drink and ride);

4) Bike shorts make a world of difference!

In an effort to stay positive and not berate myself for no long run/long swim, I’ll recap my big triumph for the week –my bike ride! I didn’t want to deal with the downtown riders so I opted not to start the Springwater trail at the waterfront instead I went to the Johnson’s Creek Trailhead. I’ve run from here before, it’s a little ghetto to begin with and there are quite a few stop lights/crossings but after about 6 miles, it gets really pretty. It was an absolutely gorgeous day- about 80ish and not a cloud in the sky-PERFECT! I was busy in the morning taking Mr. Pi to the airport, unpacking more of our stuff, and taking the dog for a long walk so I didn’t get out on the trail until about 2ish. Being the smart rider that I am, I texted Gazelle to let someone local know I was going out on the trail. (Note to self: Order a Road ID.) I chose Springwater because it’s flat and I didn’t want to attempt a long bike ride in holy hills land (at least not yet). My goal was to ride longer than I did a few weeks ago with Mr. Pi (i.e. longer than 14.5 miles). When I hit 8 miles, I figured I could go another 2 to make it an even 20. I must have been in a groove because before I knew it I looked down and Geoff (my Garmin, who I just learned has a bike setting) said 11.1 miles. I stopped to stretch for a minute or so (I wish I had taken pictures, it was sooooo pretty) and hopped back on the bike to ride back to the car. According to Geoff, my average pace was 12.2 MPH, I didn’t hit pause for lights/crossings, I have no idea if that’s fast or slow. I wasn’t really pushing it but I wasn’t going super easy either. My goal for this ride was to get some distance on the bike. Jen, my Tri Guru, said to train 2 x the distance of the tri. My sprint tri is 12 miles on the bike so I'm working my way toward 24+ miles. My other tri guru mentioned adding sprint intervals, I haven’t done these yet on the road but do them a lot in spin class. I have 5 more weeks to step it up on the bike overall, I was happy with my first solo longish ride.

As for runs this week, I am disappointed I didn’t do a long run. I’ve been hitting the hills hard which has slowed my average pace and also started to bother my knee a little. I’m hoping to run in flatland this week. I’m actually leaving for the Dunlap family vacation either Tuesday or Wednesday. My sister-in-law is preggers so the trip was moved closer to her home and hospital. I’ll be heading out to the mountains of Utah to a Chateau by a lake- sounds peaceful and hopefully, perfect for training (no, I'm not Mormon). I’d like to get in a couple of open water swims. Utah is at altitude so while I may find some flat stretches there may be the challenge of running at altitude. Since I’m driving out, I’m hoping my bike (it needs a name, suggestions are welcome) will fit in the car. I decided to change up my goals for the week a bit since I’ll be out of my normal routine and hopefully with a little more time to train. I will be spending lots of quality family time so this may be a little ambitious.

1) 2 long runs (9 + miles); 1 tempo; 1 brick (15-20 min) = 4 runs
2) 1 long bike (22 + miles); 1 interval bike; 1 medium “get comfortable ride” = 3 bikes
3) 2-3 open water swims (20-60 minutes)
4) Non weight circuit (i.e. pushups, abs, squats, lunges) = at least once!
5) Couch to 5k
(One of my sister-in-laws, not the pregnant one, is thinking about starting this plan. I’m super excited that someone in the fam, other than Mr. Pi, is thinking about running. The plan starts with a walk/run, which she can totally do! I’m so excited to head out with her—YAY!)

Probably a bit ambitious but I didn’t get the nickname AO (ambitious one) for nothing, right?!?!

Since my munchkin picture on Friday was such a hit here are a few more:

Posing in her new collar, same car ride with all the boxes!

After her long walk to the dog park and back on Saturday.

Cuddling on Sunday morning, awwww!