Monday, June 22, 2009

It's not easy being green...

Actually, it is! But I'll get into that in a minute. First a recap of last week.

It was a really busy one so my workouts did suffer. I started off Week 2 of Going Rogue with a couple of kick ass workouts.

Monday- Rest day
Tuesday- Swim/Run (swim 1750 yards/run 2 miles)
Wednesday- Brick + Weights (1 hour spin, 15 min run/1.48 mi/30 min weights)
Thursday- Run (3.5 miles, on Terwilliger, i.e. HILLS)
Friday- Rest
Saturday- Moving (does this count as weights and a stair workout?)
Sunday- More Moving! (same Q)

My overall totals aren't great. I didn't get in a long swim, bike or run. I didn't hit my 2 of each but Saturday and Sunday I did do a lot of sweating and lifting. (I have the sore arms from boxes and legs from all the stairs to prove it.)

Operative Svelte: I was on target all week, this weekend was a bit rough and I didn't log anything Saturday. (Which included some wine and a lot of chips at Amy's awesome Summer party. Amy, your guac was freakin' fantastic!) Wednesday we'll find out how I did.
As I mentioned, we moved this weekend. I LOVE our new place. Well, maybe not the place itself (it has bitchin' 70's wood paneling) but the location! I have deemed the new area as Holy Hills land for two reasons:
1) There are a crapton of churches around!
2) There are also a crapton of HILLS! (SF I am going to rock u on 7/26.)

The best part of the place is its proximity to my work. It's about 3.5 miles which means, I have options for commuting. Today, I tried my hand at a "green" commute. I ran to work! Actually, since I didn't get in a long run yesterday, I ran past work to make it a little longer and will be running home too. Last week was a little soggy, as Oregon "summers" can be poor Jen got stuck out in the rain a lot last week, but this morning I woke up to a gloriously sunny morning. I'm kicking myself I didn't take pictures of my commute! (I took one and have a few from the good ol internet.) It's about a mile to Terwilliger, which is a really nice (hilly) parkway with a large running/walking path on one side. To get to the hilly pathway I had to run up a HUGE hill (I took the photo below). Can you say perfect hill for hill-repeats?
Once on T (i.e. Terwilliger), it's about 2.5 miles of hills to work. I tried to keep a 10:00 or less on the downhill portions and a 12:30 or less on the uphills. I mostly succeeded.
(Stolen from the internet)

I was feeling so strong as I passed my turn to work and continued down the hill, knowing I'd have a hard mile on the way back. I went down to the track at the bottom of the hill, decided against adding a few laps there and turned around to head back UP the hill I just ran down. (Maybe in a few weeks, I'll want to add a few track laps but today was all about making sure I could do the run.)
(Stolen from the internet)

On the way up I blasted the new Black Eyed Peas album (which I LOVE, download it peeps, it's fantastic)! I did have to take one break on the way back up but overall I ended the 5 miles in 1:01. GO ME, I wonder what the mile splits were, I'd imagine the downhills were rockin' but the uphills need some work! I made it to my office (where I stashed my work clothes last night) and was all ready for work by 7:45 am.
(Stolen from the internet)
I think on the way home, I'll probably just run straight home without adding extra mileage, which will bring my daily total to 8.5 miles. I haven't done a double run day in a long time! Never done a hilly double day.
I'm hoping to get in my 2-3 runs, bikes and swims this week. It's another busy week but I'm hopeful! Now that my commute is so short I think it'll be easier to fit in the workouts in the morning.

I'm hoping one of the other PBRs (apparently we've changed our names to Portland Bloggers and Runners) will have photos of Amy's party sometime this week.

Happy Monday! Tomorrow I should have a special post, stay tuned!