Tuesday, May 19, 2009


#1) The women's bathroom on my floor is: 1) REALLY far away & 2) Everyone leaves the light off! Is it just me, or am I the only person that doesn't like to pee in the dark? I used to just leave the light off if they were others already in the bathroom but now I make a point to flip it on loudly. I'm all about conserving energy, yadda yadda, but come on, there is no need to pee in the dark!

#2) San Diego is right around the corner. I had a nice easy run last weekend, 12 miles. I didn't really look at my watch I just ran. I've been talking with Maddy on twitter and through email about her race strategy, as we have similar goals. She's been walking .05 of every mile for a water break/gu/rest. I set my watch to to run .95 and walk .05 last weekend. I thought it might slow me down but I ended up with 12 miles/2:15/11:15 AP. I was pleased with this since I wasn't really trying to maintain any certain pace. I slacked a little on the other runs last week but still came within one mile of hitting all my planned miles. Taper time is nice!

#3) My mom was in town for the weekend for a belated Mother's Day. We got beautified at the spa, we ate yummy food, we chatted lots and of course, we shopped! I'll be previewing all my new Nike apparel sometime this week. Let's just say, I was spoiled rotten!

#4) My eating habits have turned to crap. I'm still using TheDailyPlate however, it doesn't seem to matter to me anymore if I have to write something down. What I need is a food journal critic! Anyone want to be my drill sergeant food critic a la Jillian Michaels-syle?

#5) Been thinking a lot about my summer plans. Still have a few things on the table:

-Tri (maybe two, one sprint mid summer and one Olympic in sept)
-SF 1/2 -or- SF 5k? (I'll be in CA that weekend but am undecided on the race)
-5k (I don't have one picked out unless I do SF 5k. I haven't done a 5k in 3 years, my PR was set in 2003, I think it's time.)

#6) Plan or no plan? Since I've been in marathon training mode I started training for Arizona (that race was in January), I'm toying with the idea of throwing all plans out the window and just going with the flow. However, to successfully complete a Tri or 1/2 marathon (if I choose to sign up for either) I'll probably need some sort of plan. The question of the day is: Can I go sans plan as long as I'm still getting in the necessary workouts? i.e. I'm still getting in swims, bikes and runs just without specific goals for each day. Thoughts?

#7) After reading all the tweets and party reports from B2B 2009, I think I need to take that race on again in 2010. I ran it in 2003 with MY DAD! Yes, I ran the quintessential naked, drunken, partyfest with my Dad. We thought it was a "real" race through SF and the course looked pretty...little did I know what I was getting us into. From the start line with the flying tortillas and beach balls I should have known. Next year, bring on the alcohol filled water bottles and crazy glitter I AM THERE!

Randomness done.