Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bathroom Saga con't...

Awhile back I made a comment about how weird the bathroom is at my work. I thought in an effort to not talk about my awesome "rogueness" I'd continue my bathroom rant.

In addition to the ultra crunchy granola ladies who won’t turn on the damn lights, there is also a random urinal near the back of the restroom and a weird trough looking thing under the window. Why are their urinals in a women’s bathroom? (Yes, I am in the right bathroom, there isn't a men's restroom in that hall.) Also, the toilet paper sometimes only lets one square off the roll at a time. I don’t need a whole lot but really, one square??!!! I secretly think the crunchy granola lights-off ladies also rigged the toilet paper to conserve paper products.

Speaking of conserving paper products, someone left a sticky note on the paper towel dispenser asking to: “please use one sheet only.” I’m fine with one sheet IF it was quality paper towels. This stuff is el cheapo and super NON-absorbent! Sorry ladies but I’m using two sheets.

Lastly, the soap. It’s foaming soap, which I enjoy. It's also in an automatic dispenser so no pump is required BUT it smells like a hospital. It’s that very strong smelling antibacterial stuff. I do technically work for a hospital but I don’t work IN the hospital. Is it too much to ask for non-doctor’s office smelling soap? Rant end.

In true, Marcy-style (so sad she is retired) I'm now going to post some photos of weird bathrooms. The 4th one isn't so much as weird in a gross way, just weird in a layout sort of way. (These count as photos right Kristin?)

(P.S. Yes, I have looked for another bathroom solution. Unfortunately, the others are even further away and when you’re drinking 2-3 Nalgene bottles of water a day you want the shortest path to the bathroom.)