Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3 day weekend, 3 day work week!

I *heart* three day weekends. Who doesn’t?!?! Mine was jam packed with fun!

Saturday JM came over bright and early and joined me for my last long run before San Diego. It was 8 miles of fun chatter. (This run was so much better than my last run before Arizona! I was sick and injured...it was all I could do to muster 6 measly miles.) I took her around the little municipal airport, past the dog park and through the ponds near my house. I realized how nice it is to have good places to run close by. In the ponds, I often see these animals, we didn’t see either on Saturday. I have no idea what they are but they are both weird looking.

Our overall pace 11:08, bit faster than goal pace. The last mile we busted out at 10:05 which dropped our average from 11:18 to 11:08. I won’t be doing any 10:05’s come marathon day. Goal is to keep is slow and steady. I’m hoping Maddy and I can pull off PR’s together! We have a plan and I’m going to stick with her as long as I possibly can!

The rest of Saturday I spent doing chores and walking the dog (Saturday was her 1 yr birthday!—picture montage to follow sometime this week, hopefully, b/c who doesn’t love cute puppy pics? I'll leave one below, this is right after we got her last summer.). I wanted to get all the chores out of the way so I could enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Sunday bright and early again, we headed to the coast with some friends for a hike. We forgot the camera so we don’t have any pictures but it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! The hike was pretty flat but it was a good 5 + miles which was perfect. We took Zoey with us too, she had a great time.

Monday I slept in and did errands for the first half of the day. Then I went downtown with JM to Rose Festival carnival thing. Hanging out with JM was a blast, she’s such a fun person. We decided in 10 years the carnival would be fun if we have kids. We also took an adventure walk to the east side in search of marathon socks for me. My favorite pair of socks sprung a hole! Sadly, our adventure went unrewarded as the running store didn’t have my socks. I found something similar at another running store in town and plan to try them out this week.

This week is going to be a lovely 3-day work week for me as Mr. Pi and I leave for SD on Friday! I’m excited and nervous! Mostly though, I’m looking forward to meeting all the bloggers I talk to on a daily basis but have never met. (The internet rocks!)

Tonight my goal is to: a) start packing, b) run my 3 miles and c) re-paint my toe nails. I have my packing list all ready to go. I know some of you go crazy during taper time but I gotta say only running for 1:29 minutes on the weekend, instead of 4 hours, and having a 3 mile run on the schedule today is fantastic! My toes are currently coral I’m thinking they need to be HOT pink to match my marathon outfit. Speaking of, here it is!

(I need to be as bright as possible so all of you fast peeps waiting at the finish line can see me coming!)

San Diego here I come!