Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Track Tuesday's

Recipe Wednesday is going to be a bit delayed. The post is all ready to go but I forgot to upload the pictures last night. Can't have a recipe Wednesday without photos. I will try to post tonight, if not, it'll be a recipe Thursday!

I do have something to report on though...Track Tuesday which Gazelle and I officially started last night. I've never done track work, I usually do "tempo" runs for speedwork. I let Gazelle pick the workout--Yasso 800's. She read in Runners World that if you have a goal marathon time that you should use that time for your 800 goal. We picked 4:45. We did 1 mile of warmup, 4 sets of 800's at 4:45 (which we both crushed) with 4:45 recovery and 1 mile of cooldown. Here are my 800 splits:

#1 - 4:12 (8:27) w/ 4:45 recovery
#2 - 4:16 (8:34) w/ 4:45 recovery
#3 - 4:38 (9:18) w/4:45 recovery
#4 - 4:26 (8:56) w/4:45 recovery

The first .25 of 800 #1 was at a 7-something...clearly went out a BIT too hard there (my lungs were burning). First recovery I walked the whole thing, the other three I walked about a minute and jogged (slowly) the rest.

I was surprised how strong these made me feel! The only thing I didn't like about the workout was how packed the track was...we're trying a different track next week. We also decided to adjust our target to 4:15-4:20 with 4:20 recovery. My goal next week is to stay within the range and to jog all of the recovery's, I agree with Gazelle's statement "if I can't jog the whole recovery, then I'm probably going too fast." I am determined to SMASH my marathon PR in San Diego and am hopeful adding some track workouts will help.

Track Tuesday triumphant total: 5.5 miles/59:28/10:49 AP (warmup and cooldown we took VERY easy on purpose)

Stay tuned for Track Tuesday report next week when we tackle 5 repeats at a new goal range. Maybe we'll even get some pictures to show our Gazelle and Giraffe speediness!