Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Track Tuesday & Crazy 8's

It’s Track Tuesday! I’m changing it up a little tonight. Decided on 4 x 800 w/4:20 recoveries and 4 x 400 w/400 recovery (total: 3 miles of speedwork). I looked on the McMillan calculator and have decided on the following ranges: 800 (4:14 – 4:25, pretty much same as last week) & 400 (2:01 – 2:10), never done 400’s before so it should be interesting. I based these on a 4:30 marathon, which is quite a bit faster than my goal. Track Tuesday here we come!

I was tagged by both RunningLaur and Mica, so figured I better participate =).

8 Things to which I am looking forward:
1. Going to my cousins wedding this weekend
2. Running at the track tonight with my girls
3. Shopping HTC’s closet for a dress for the wedding this weekend (I didn’t have sisters so clothes sharing when I get to is always sooooo fun)
4. My next Netflix disk in the mail (Big Love Season 2: Disc 4)
5. Spectating the Eugene Marathon in a couple of weeks and seeing this girl BQ
6. Choosing my first summer triathlon
7. Getting back into weights (I actually miss Jillian yelling on the Shred DVD…need to find motivation to put on this DVD)
8. SUMMMMMMMMMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 Things I did yesterday:
1. Put a bunch of dishes away
2. Made a choco-banana-PB smoothie….mmmmmmm
3. Ran part of my run with the doggie
4. Ran 5 miles in the warm sunshine!
5. Went to bed ridiculously early and loved it
6. Lots of good stretching
7. Began tracking my food again at The Daily Plate
8. Told my hubby I love him

8 Things I wish I could do/I want to do:
1. Get rid of my piriformis pain
2. At least 20 min of yoga for the rest of the week
3. Make my allergies go away
4. Become a faster runner
5. Set PR’s in every race distance this year (Marathon, 1/2, 5k and run a 10k)
6. Travel more
7. Lose 10 lbs
8. Retire and become a beach lifeguard

8 Shows I watch (I really don’t want that much TV since TiVo died and we gave up cable, so I may have to toss in some throwback shows that I used to love):
1. Big Love (via Netflix so I’m a season or two behind)
2. Dancing with the Stars (when I catch it, last night I was sleeping)
3. Brothers and Sisters (when they have it on ABC.com b/c I’m definitely asleep at 10:00pm on Sunday night)
4. Desperate Housewives (again, only when I watch it via ABC.com)
5. 90210 (the original!)
6. Party of Five
7. Seinfeld
8. Friends

(I'm going to try to catch some episodes of Glee since our good running buddy Southbay Girl is working on this show.)

And I tag…anyone who wants to be tagged today!