Monday, April 20, 2009

Spectating, Sunshine and Speed?

I haven't been the best post-er lately. Though I WAS (key word: WAS) caught up with my google reader as of Friday, of course now I'm 50 behind.

Confession: I've hit a bit of the "blahs." I haven't been getting in my cross training and I'm feeling a little burned out. So far, every marathon I've trained for (all 2 of them) I've hit this stage at some point. I feel like I'm not getting in enough miles (even though I'm logging more miles than my past training cycles). I really feel like I need to add longer miles mid-week but I've been unmotivated to do so. If this "blah" period is anything like ones in the past, I'll get over it quickly, here's to hoping.

To re-cap my week, I did speedwork on Tuesday, felt great and strong. I did yoga once (yay cross training, even if it was only once). I attempted a mid-week 9 miler and ended up with only 3 miles, decided to let my piriformis rest and to not push it. Thursday night was Zach's birthday party! Yay! But this meant not a lot of sleep Thursday night and a little hangover (from my piddly two drinks) on Friday. Friday night I had a work party that was fun but also lasted until 1am. UGH! Saturday I was exhausted and turned my 20 mile run into 18. Which left me 8 miles off of my weekly total. In positive news, my 18 was faster than my previous 18.5. I tried a new strategy from running planet. I did one mile at GP (10:50-11:00) and 1 mile of recover (11:30-11:45). I ended was a time of 3:30:15/11:40 AP. I was averaging closer to my max recovery pace but it was speedier than the 12:15 AP of my last 18.5. It was a painful run, I was tired. This week it's operation sleep & operation get-rid-of-the-blahs.

Sunday I spectated the Bridge to Brews 10k. It was another gloriously sunny day! (Did I mention from my Saturday run that I now have tan lines??!!) All the PB&J's (except Erika and me) were running. Everyone did fantastic! I took a few photos but haven't transferred them from the camera. It was awesome to see everyone finish. I saw Mr. Pi first (he ran under 7 min miles!), then Zach, Emily, Jen, Sarah and Amy. I loved being there to cheer on my fellow runners. I know Mr. Pi and Amy had PRs, not sure about the rest of the team (I'm not caught up on my race report reading). After the race, there was talk of a PB&J invitational this summer hosted by event director Amy. I have to say I'm pretty excited about this concept (despite knowing I'll be the last PB&J to finish). Maybe I can co-host with her and we'll open it up to virtual participants.

As I said this week is operation sleep and rid-the-blahs. Here is my plan:

Tonight, after work, I want to go out for a run without a pace in mind (maybe I'll even go out without Geoff). The goal of the run tonight is to remember why I love to run. It's going to sunny and warm...I'm sure there will be birds chirping and lots of people out enjoying the weather. After the run, I'd like to sneak in a short yoga session to loosen up. (Bedtime: 9:00-9:30pm)

Track Tuesday on Tuesday evening. We're taking Track Tuesday to Sarah's cult. I hope to be inspired by my surroundings and channel my inner Sara Goucher. (Bedtime: 9:00-9:30pm)

Wednesday-- Mid week longish run -OR- swim/weights (depends on the butt after track Tuesday) (Bedtime: 9:00-9:30pm)

Thursday-- Mid week longish run -OR- swim/weights (depends on what happens Wednesday) (Bedtime: 8:30 - 9:00pm, if doing long run Friday)

Friday-- Depends on Wed/Thurs and the weather. If I do my longish mid-week on Wednesday and the weather is nice I'll do my long run (we're going out of town this week to a wedding, I took the whole day off but Mr. Pi has a morning meeting so I would have time to run in the morning). If the weather is crappy and I did my longish mid-week run on Thursday then I might do another swim or go to spin and save the long run for Saturday morning. (Bedtime: 9:00-9:30pm)

Saturday/Sunday-- Depends on the previous workouts. Either long run or short recovery run, long walk or yoga. (Bedtime: Flexible given I'll be at an evening wedding.)

I like to be flexible with workouts, this week a little more so than usual. Given that I'm going to be traveling.

I do have a question for all of you. I missed my 20 mile run this weekend. Technically I'm in a stepback week where I'm only doing 15-16 miles. I really want to get in two 20 mile runs this training cycle, should I do 20 this weekend and stepback next weekend before doing my final 20? Or, should I continue on my training plan and just do one 20?