Friday, April 3, 2009

Goals for Sunday

As some of you know, I have a ½ marathon on Sunday. This will be my last race before the marathon! I signed up for this race knowing that it would be a step back week for my long run. I don’t want to jinx the race BUT I can’t help but be ecstatic about the weather forecast for Sunday.

Sunday, Apr 5

High: 64 °F RealFeel: 61 °F
Clouds and sunshine/20% precipitation chance

That’s right…60 something! I don’t pay any attention to the 20% chance of rain since it almost always says that in Portland. The world is going to see my white legs this weekend!

My goals for the race have been somewhat in flux but here they are:

1. My #1 goal for this race is a new PR. This means I need to beat 2:38, which I set in Healdsburg (a much hillier course than Sunday). I also learned on this course that mixing wine and gu is not such a good idea…but I’m glad I tried it once! I'm confident I can beat this PR. I am much better prepared.

2. 2:20 or better would be nice.

3. 2:15 or better would be my A++ goal.

Julianne has agreed to pace me for the race! I’ve never had a pacer…I secretly hope she’s a little drill sergeant-y, especially toward the end when I know I’ll want to crap out and throw my goals out the window. Mr. Pi’s comment was “for the sake of our marriage, I’ll never pace you.” He says this out of love but also because he knows I can be a tad bit sensitive during runs (you’ve all heard about my marathon tears). For this race, I’m really looking forward to working on my mental strategy and would like to push myself a little more than I have in past races.

Julianne and I will have lots of company during the race as several other PB&J’s will be running this weekend. We will even have crowd support—Sarah & Mr. Pi will be cheering us on.

This week has been pretty stressful at work. But I’ve managed to have a pretty good workout week.

- I’ve jumped on the Push-Up Challenge train. (Note: I’ve done this challenge before but always stopped after a month.) I have motivation this time around since at our next PB&J party I have to keep up! P.S. I'm sore, "real" push ups are hard!

- SBSD is still going strong.

- I’ve manage to add in the Shred video at least twice a week…I’d like to bump up to 3 days a week.

- Gazelle and I are starting Track Tuesday’s next week and will be doing Yasso 800’s—I’m scared!

- Swimming fell off the schedule this week (unless I can motivate myself to go tonight). I love the pool, it’s my favorite workout but it is more of a hassle. I am considering joining Masters again.

- If I can eek out 3 measly miles today after work (and I complete the ½ Sunday) I’ll be at 30 for the week. I think I’ve only hit 30 miles once. If you count last Friday to today (3/27 – 4/3) my count is 37 miles.

Happy Friday!