Sunday, March 8, 2009

Springing Forward = Colder Weather...huh?

47 hour weekend = Sad Alisa...BUT...springing forward means budding flowers, WARMER weather, longer evenings AND summer right around the corner. At least that's what I thought springing forward meant. I did see some flowers budding yesterday but it is certainly not warmer. Boo...more on that later.

I kicked off my weekend with a post-work run with Zoey! The running time was at a decent clip, fast even (member fast is relative) 9:40...but there were two poo stops, two pee stops and a couple of stops b/c she dropped her all important stick! I ended up with 2 miles at 10:45 ish. After the run I Shredded with Jillian. I always thought if I was on the Biggest Loser I'd choose Bob but I think I'm a Jillian convert. Wonder if I could get her to come here and train me a few times a week? After Shred I did my SBSD 200 situps! (To answer any questions, no I do not plan to run the marathon in a sports bra but I am hoping for some pool time before/after the marathon and would like to be bathing suit ready.)

Saturday I yoga'd and spent the day with my wonderful hubs, Mr. Pi! We saw The Watchmen. I didn't really get it. I guess I'm not a comic book movie person unless there is a half naked Christian Bale involved. Though, there was quite a bit of nudity in The Watchmen. After we ate a yummy lunch/dinner, relaxed and spent a rockin' hour at the grocery story (yeah, we know how to par-tay).

The running group slept in this morning and therefore, we were all on our own. Looking out at the SNOW and coldness I decided it was a tready day for me. I'm not a 'mill hater...I actually like the 'mill (yes, I know, I am weird). I made a new playlist just for this run and went into this run with a new strategy. Channeling my inner-Aron, I was going to split the run into three 4 mile runs and make them a semi-progression run. Goal was to run the first 4 at or near what the FIRST plan had for the week (PMP + 40 secs...11:20 ish), second 4 at PMP (10:40ish) and the third 4 recovery but faster than the first 4. I succeeded!

1-4 = 46:00 (11:30)
4-8 = 43:00 (10:45) --> I am GOING to break 5 hours in SD!
8-12 = 45:00 (11:15)
Total 12 miles, 2 hours 14 minutes, 11:10 avg.

I think splitting the run into 4 mile sections did great things for my mental strategy. As any distance runner will tell you half the race is mental! I did have to take a couple of walk breaks in the middle 4. I started out in the middle 4 a little too fast and needed a little breather. I also took a break to get down my Double Expresso gel at 6.5...however, I did manage to drink and run without choking! I usually have to take short speedwalk breaks every few miles for water but this time I was able to get little sips down without choking or walking. The best thing about this run was that I was in a running skirt and a tank watching the snow, rain, hail and corn snow come down. I enjoyed my salty, sweaty, hotness indoors thank-you-very-much! It also made my post-run ice bath very enjoyable!

I ended the week with:

21 miles
1 yoga session
1 Shred session
and mucho ab work!

Considering I had the flu for 3 days I'd say that is pretty good. Next week, back to the pool and spinning =). (HTC, thursday spin?)

Here are a few noteables from my 12 miler playlist:
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' - By Michael Jackson (he may be a freak but man his music rocks)
Hip to be Square & Power of Love - By Huey Lewis and the News (Cheesy...but I love em!)
The New Workout Plan - By Kanye West (thanks Tara...this song is freakin' hilarious..."eat your salad no dessert!")
Jai Ho- By A.R. Rahman (gotta love Bollywood)
Welcome to the Jungle - By Guns n Roses (thanks Kristen!)
Every Little Thing Counts - By Janus Stark (Off the Varsity Blues soundtrack...makes me think of sweaty hot about motivation)
Summer Breeze- By Seals and Crofts (thanks cool down song ever...pretty ironic when it starts snowing and this song is blastin')
You Oughta Know- By Alanis Morrisette (the ultimate angry chick song...not sure why it's so motivating, I'm a very happy chick)
Kill the Lights - By Britney Spears (damn you Britney, I wanna hate you but I just can't)
Hungry Like the Wolf - By Duran Duran (hello Michael J Fox in Teen Wolf)