Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Rant #1
I went to the pool this morning sans my swimming buddy because she’s been battling a bug. Anyway, I get there and it wasn’t crowded, yay. I have a whole lane to myself for about 25 minutes or so. In which time I do my ½ mile swim time trial, as well as some drills. Then, these two girls show up and ask to join my lane, of course I said, “sure the more the merrier.” (In my head I am thinking, I hope they stay to their side of the lane and don’t want to circle b/c I’m about to start my 75’s (i.e. sprint for 3 lengths and rest 10 secs.) They stick to their side with their kick boards but ask me, three 75’s in, if we can circle. There is one very slow girl and the other girl is clearly frustrated with having to pass her. So here is where things get a little sticky. I say, “I would prefer not to circle until I’m done with my speed drills” since I would speed by them then stop for my 10 sec recovery. I personally don’t like it when people do that to me. She rolls her eyes and says fine but when she starts to regular swim we’re going to have to circle. WHATEVER! I had sixish 75’s planned, I got in two before she gave up her kick board. Once we started circling everything was all off. I was passing them, especially Miss Kickboarder, but feeling bad about passing when I knew I was stopping for rest intervals. BAH! So that’s my rant. In the locker room, I did apologize for sounding rude and for getting in their way. What would you have done? I ended up cutting the workout short, partly b/c I had to get to a 7:30 am work meeting but also b/c I was just annoyed and my workout was all messed up anyway. Am I total bitch? Should I have skipped speed work and just plodded along at snail pace?
(In happier news, my ½ mile time trial went well. I finished in 13:15. I did a relay sprint tri back in 2005 with my Dad and Mr. Pi, who was my boyfriend at the time…my time for the ½ swim was 17:08…I’d say I have improved.)

Rant #2
This isn’t really a rant but rather a confession. I am a slow runner. No surprises there, if you’ve read any of my race reports. But what I’m not good at is accepting my slowness. I often make excuses for it. My last marathon, bronchitis and patella tendonitis…last weekend, the rain, my toe and the hills. Granted these ailments/course hazards (i.e. hills) do slow me down, especially the bronchitis, but I AM slow. I decided last night when I was doing my speed work that I was going to stop making excuses for my slowness and be proud of myself when I finish long runs under 11:30/12:00 min miles or complete speed intervals at a 9:15 pace. I know many of you could walk faster than 12 min miles and 9:15 is your “warm up” pace but that’s you and not me. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m tired of trying to compete with everyone and not feeling fast enough to call myself a runner. I run (or run/walk) double-digits on the weekend, I’ve completed two marathons…DAMNIT, I’m a runner. I’m not looking for sympathy; this rant/confession is more or less for me to look back on during training. It’s also for you guys to hold me accountable. Meaning, if you hear me say something negative about my slowness, please yell at me!

Rant #3
Ha…there isn’t one…enough ranting for the day!

I’m looking forward to my tempo run tomorrow. I’ve never done 7 miles worth of tempo work before. Should be interesting!