Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Operation Flu Be Gone

Operation flu be gone began at 2:30 pm today. What is operation flu be gone? First, let me back up the train and re-cap the last 2 and a half days. After my run on Sunday, in hindsight probably not a good idea to run with a fever in the rain and wind, I started to feel sick. I took about a 3 hour nap post-run, was up for another few hours and went straight to bed. Woke up Monday morning with the full on flu! That's right, Monday, the porcelain goddess was my friend. 'Nuf said. Tuesday morning, woke up at 5:00am to let out the (DAMN)...I mean wonderful, bestest dog ever. I had high hopes of kickin' it with the Shred video but ended up on the couch wallowing in my misery until I moved to the bed at 7ish. I pretty much slept until noon when I realized my work email was pushing 100+ and I needed to get a few things done. (Thank goodness for remote login!) I was a productive worker for about an hour and a half then, decided I needed to nap again...but I couldn't sleep. I took that as a sign that I needed to start OPERATION FLU BE GONE!

Step-by-step directions for Operation Flu Be Gone:

Step 1: A long, super hot shower (I hope the super hotness of it killed all the germs).

Step 2: The sheets are stripped from the bed and all clothes warn or touched in the last two days go to the wash (also on the hot setting).

Step 3: Gather all snot rags and dishes (gathered with a Lysol wipe as to not undo all the disinfecting of the hot shower). All tissues are properly disposed of and all dishes head for a bath in the sink (again, with extra hot water).

Step 4: Sit with warm TheraFlu, Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup with added hot sauce and red pepper flakes (this was something I learned in college, I swear it helps) and catch breath since this bod hasn't done anything but sleep and sit on the couch the last two days.

Step 5: Disinfect house. Lysol everything imaginable from key boards to door handles and TV remotes. Bleach toilet!

Step 6: Another breather. (i.e. take dog downstairs and get the mail)

Step 7: Open windows just a tad to let in some fresh air. Sit and wait for flu bugs to realize all of his other germ buddies are now gone and it's time for Mr. Flu to hit the road!

Windows have been shut but I am still waiting on the rest of Step 7 however, I am hopeful that Operation Flu Be Gone will allow me to get back to exercise tomorrow. Today is the first run of SD training I have missed. I know it is better to let my body heal (especially this early in the game) but it is still annoying not to be out there. I know I can make up the 4-5 miles later this week if I'm feeling up for it and the main thing to do NOW is to rest and get better. Sometimes easier said than done.

One thing about being sick is that I have the time to stay caught up on blogs! It was kinda sad when I saw 0 on my google reader this afternoon, especially since I can't seem to get into reading another book after the Twilight series. (I'm sure there are unreads in my reader now, a few hours later but at one point today I was caught up.) I never thought I would find such an awesome online community. I appreciate all of your different view points and experiences and am excited that I have met so many of you. (Sorry X-Country2, I really wish we could have met up today for a run but as you can read, I'm in full Operation Flu Be Gone mode.)

Please send your "flu be gone" thoughts my way! By Friday I hope to post how kick ass the rest of my week has been! Here's to hoping...as I cheer with my Thera Flu!