Sunday, March 1, 2009

For the of...DUCT TAPE? & Another Ambitious Run

Warning: This post contains pictures of feet. Consider yourself warned.

First, I'll recap my week. Overall, it was pretty great. I took a couple of rest days BUT kicked butt on the days I worked out (except for today which I will get to). I ended up with the following stats for the week:

Running: 19 miles (should have been 21)...avg pace 11.4, which is 11:24 (not 11:45 which I originally thought when I saw 11.4)
Spinning: 1 hour (yeah baby!)
Shredding: 2 Sessions (I'm gonna be shredded in no time, right Jillian?)
Swimming: 2100 yards (pathetic but something)
Yoga: nill =(

I'm relatively happy with those stats...I am hoping to pull some rockin' numbers throughout my San Diego training. I'd like to get my average pace for the week in the 10' mid-week runs are there but my long runs have been slow. Every long run since I start SD training has been a bit more ambitious than I really wanted (i.e. the run was hilly, trail-y and rainy). This coming week should be interesting. I have some late evening meetings and this morning I woke up full of snot and a fever of 99.8! Despite the snot and fever, Mr. Pi trekked out to meet THE GROUP (we really need a name guys...CDK was really a joke and has been veto'd) at Powell Butte Park. I anticipated this to be a nice FLAT run with maybe some gentle rollers along a paved trail. What I got was a very hilly, muddy, rainy, single track trail for almost half the run. This ambitious course, coupled with my flu-like symptoms left me pretty miserable...BUT I made it and now I'm sitting with my hot Thera Flu and plan to sleep the rest of the day away. I did take a couple of pics, as it was a scenic run...though I didn't get any shots of the really woodsy part, which was the prettiest but also the most brutal. (Poor Gazelle's, not featured in these pics, b/c she twisted her ankle during the first 2 miles...hope you're doing better. Mr. Pi also not featured b/c as usual he was miles, literally, ahead of us...way to go Mr. Pi!)

Mount Hood is somewhere in the distance.

Sarah and Erika!

Stretching time...Sarah and my sexy foot!

My muddy and wet feet...not as hardcore as some people I know but more hardcore than I wanted for today.
Stop reading now if you do not want to see feet! I've had a bunch of questions lately about my love of duct tape. I started duct taping my feet before my first marathon. My Dad suggested I try it, he uses it for hiking. I have tried everything for my poor feet...special socks, bodyglide, mole skin, new skin, bandaids, sports tape, electrical name it! Duct tape definitely works the best out of the products I've tried. I will caveat that I do still get blisters and lose my toe nails BUT the blisters aren't as bad as they used to be (except on marathon days, then, the duct works until about mile 20ish...after that, all bets are out the window). Julianne and Maddy both asked me on Twitter what my duct tape method is, so I thought I'd post some "how-to" pics. Warning: My feet aren't pretty and I definitely need a pedicure. Consider yourself warned.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:
All done:

There's a how-to on duct taping your feet for running!

Time for me to go nap and get better, I have a big week coming up (workwise and trainingwise).

Congrats to Julianne and her awesome finish at the Napa Marathon!