Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fantastic 5, Fab 15...Another 100 and a wine party!

I alluded to my fantastic 5 in my last post...fantastic 5 miler that is! I had a bit of the training blahs this week. I was stressed, PMSing and just in general feeling burnt out and blah. I didn't workout on Monday or Tuesday (Monday was a rest day...Tuesday was just a blah day). Wednesday I forced myself out the door after work for what I thought was going to just be an easy 5 mile run. I started out with Mr. Pi and Zoey on a small 2.3ish mile loop...despite Zoey's pee and poo stops, we came in with decent splits:
Mile 1 - 10:20 Mile 2 - 10:24 (not sure what the rest of the .3 was)
This is where things got interesting. We dropped off the dog, Mr. Pi continued on in one direction and I headed back for loop #2 (knowing to hit 5 I was going to have to run a few circles in the neighborhood). I was feeling good, my legs felt light and I was really enjoying listening to the birds and taking in the scenery. (I was sans iPhone, which I rarely do if I'm alone.) I wasn't really going for a time goal but once I glanced down and realized I was on track for negative splits of course I had to go for it.
Mile 3 - 10:15 Mile 4 - 9:42 Mile - 5 9:40
It was a great run! I felt fantastic! I decided to count that run as my tempo run for the week =). 5 miles/50:40/10:07 AP

Sadly, the blahs kicked back in on Wednesday and I didn't do anything but my SBSD's. Thursday was a crazy day at work and I didn't get up in the morning to run so no exercise except my SBSD's. Friday after work I went out for a really easy 5 miler with Zoey since I knew my long run was scheduled for Saturday. Friday's 5 miler was slow...Zoey was being a pain and I felt heavy and tired. 5 miles/58:13/11:39 AP

Saturday we woke up to rain! YUCK! (Have I mentioned, I'm a sunshine girl?) I met up with Gazelle and JM for our long run. We went to a new area. We were in farm country! I always like exploring new routes keeps the run exciting. We saw all sorts of things. Lamas, baby sheep, old farm trucks now used as planter boxes and scary old barns which looked straight out of a horror movie! Despite the pouring down rain and occasional ice pellet, it wasn't too bad once we got going. My goal was to keep the 15 miles around or under 11:30. I succeeded for the first 11 fact, we were averaging right around 11:00, even with our water/walk breaks! The girls left at mile 12 and I was tired and ready to go too. The last few miles were a struggle but I finished not too much over my goal. 15 miles/2:55/11:40 AP (Clearly, not a negative split run...lots of walking in the last 3 solo miles.)

I've been having two issues on long runs lately. 1) My inner right ankle gets really sore after about 7 miles. Not sure what that is all about. 2) My stomach gets upset about 6-7 miles into long runs. I haven't been drinking or eating anything different, in fact, I've been trying to better about keeping hydrated and fueled. Obviously, neither of these aliments have prevented me from completing my long runs but they have been nagging little annoyances.

In other running news, I hit over 100 miles for March yesterday. I'm at 105.42 to be exact! I've never hit 100 miles in a month before and it was one of my 2009 goals. I also haven't missed a run of SD training. I have adjusted the schedule and done runs a few days late, I have cut a few miles from some of the runs (but not the long ones, in fact, I upped my mileage the last two long runs)...BUT...I haven't missed a single run! I have missed XTraining days and a few days of SBSD but no runs.

Saturday night was the PB&J's (Portland Bloggers & Joggers...I think this is our new name, everyone seems to like it...I think it's pretty darn genius...Gazelle, you rock!) wine party at Emily's. There was lots of wine, food and even a pushup challenge! Who knew after a few glasses of wine I could bust out some real pushups?! I'm sure there will lots of pictures posted on various blogs I have a few from Gazelle...see below. The party was super fun but today I'm nursing a hangover (totally worth it but I'm glad I don't party every weekend).

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I know there were some racers...TFH, Dirty Divas in SF, Maddy...may have been others sorry if I missed you.

Speaking of racers...I have a 1/2 next weekend. Goals to be announced this week.