Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another one bites the dust

No, not another run logged but another toenail lost! Last night, I lost my umpteenth toenail to the running gods. All would be fine and dandy IF the method of loss had not been what it was. Before I get into the details, I must say that it is 5:30 am at the moment, I'm dressed in running clothes, the dog has used the facilities and I SHOULD be leaving for my 6 mile tempo run! I'm missing my run and spinning date this morning NOT because I overslept but because of my TOE! I've lost plenty of toenails from running however, only two in the following manner, both times I was forced to wear exclusively flipflops and bound to pool training only. So what happened?

I've mentioned before that I get horrible blisters. They are a fact of life for me, I deal with them and move on. However, the blisters I can't ignore are the ones I sometimes get underneath my toenails. Yes, under the nail! How this happens is beyond me! Anyway, the blister forms under the nail, creating a horrific pressure against the nail and basically forces the nail from the nail bed. I will spare you the graphic representation but know that it hurts like HELL! At the moment my toe is so swollen and sore that I put on my socks and shoes only to hobble down to let the dog out and then promptly took them off. I knew it was going to be bad last night when my toe was throbbing on and off throughout the night. Alas, no running or spinning for me today. GRRRRRR!!!! Last time this happened was after the AZ marathon, that time my entire pinky toe was a huge blister and eventually the entire nail and a few layers of skin came off. (Again, apologies for the graphic details.) Luckily, I was taking some time off anyway, this time NOT so much. I'm forced to take today off (from running at least). I hope I'm able to make up the run tomorrow and tonight hit the pool, anything that doesn't require shoes and socks!

Now...what shoes am I going to wear to work today? It's a little cold for flipflops (not mention against the dress code) but that may be all I can manage.

I hope no one else ever has to go through this...I feel like such a wimp for not running because of a toe. If anyone else has had the unfortunate experience of this happening, is there anything I can do?