Thursday, March 26, 2009

100 Baby!!

I've wanted to post all week but I couldn't just post any old post, this is number 100! I'll have a post later this week about my awesome run last night that got me out of the "blahs." (Let's just say it was almost a negative split run with the last two miles under 10! Wahoo!) For my 100th post, I'm copying a bunch of other bloggers and listing 100 things about me. Feel free to skip to the bottom, where there are 10 fun pictures.

10 things about my past:
1. I’ve lived in 3 states, 6 different cities and countless apts
2. I’ve been to 26 US states (i.e. spent the night, airports don’t count)
3. I was MVP of my softball team
4. I was born July 23, 1982
5. My parents are divorced but are friends (everyone thinks this is weird)
6. My first car was Yolanda the Honda
7. I used to go to Hawaii with my Dad and grandmother every year for Christmas
8. I traveled on an airplane before age 1
9. I got married one month before my 25th birthday (June 23, 2007)
10. I went on my first date with Mr. Pi on his 23rd birthday

10 things about my personality:
1. I talk a lot
2. I love to plan things
3. I am not very patient
4. I’m shy in large groups
5. I’m opinionated
6. I’m stubborn
7. I can be a little neurotic about things
8. I’m happy
9. I’m confident
10. I am not easily persuaded

10 random things I love:
1. Sunshine
2. Shopping
3. Shoes
4. Exercise
5. Traveling
6. Being tan
7. Ice cream
8. Cooking
9. Being pampered
10. Anything with my hubby, Mr. Pi!

10 awesome places I've been:
1. Australia
2. New Zealand
3. Bora Bora
4. France
5. Mexico
6. Hawaii
7. All the major northeast coast cities (NYC, Boston, DC)
8. Charleston, SC
9. Las Vegas
10. Up and down the California coast

10 places I'd like to go:
1. Yosemite (yes, I’m a Cali native and I’ve never been)
2. Africa
3. China
4. Thailand
5. Peru
6. Russia
7. The Maldives
8. Wine Tour of Portugal, Spain, France and Italy
9. Galapagos Islands
10. Bali

10 life dreams/goals:
1. Buy a house
2. Have the words Vice President, Executive or Professor in my title
3. Run the Boston marathon (notice I didn’t say qualify…though I might when I’m 80, if so, I’ll be there)
4. Iron Man (I didn’t say these were realistic dreams/goals)
5. Be in a movie or Broadway play (again, not realistic)
6. Travel to every continent
7. Run a race in every state (not necessarily a marathon)
8. Have a family
9. Learn a foreign language (really learn it…6 years of French and I can only muster a few sentences)
10. Write a book

10 "favorites":
1. favorite movie: Dirty Dancing
2. favorite food: Anything sweet (though I do crave steak sometimes, what can I say I’m weird)
3. favorite drink: Alcoholic- wine/ Non-alcoholic- Coffee
4. favorite color: Turquoise or pink
5. favorite number: 4 (You’d think it would be 23, see my first 10 things)
6. favorite season: SUMMER!!!!!!
7. favorite band: The Beatles
8. favorite cookie: Oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate chip
9. favorite clothing item: My Victoria Secret hot-pink velour lounge pants
10. favorite animal: Dolphin

10 things I'm proud of:
1. Having a Masters Degree
2. Not being in debt
3. Having a job
4. Completing 2 marathons
5. Being healthy
6. Being in a great relationship
7. Standing up for myself
8. My parents (despite being divorced, they have always been friendly and cordial with each other and are always there for me)
9. Learning to cook
10. Trying new things

10 things I dislike:
1. Rain
2. Meatloaf
3. Spiders
4. Scallops
5. Waiting (at restaurants, for appointments, for others to be ready to go, etc)
6. People who are disrespectful
7. Clutter
8. Timid drivers
9. People who wear clothes that are too tight
10. Being late

10 Fun Pictures:

1. Fall 2003- Very first trip with Mr. Pi camping at Toad Lake near Mt. Shasta.

2. Spring 2004- college graduation.
3. Summer 2004- trip to Australia/New Zealand.

4. Summer 2007- My Bachelorette party.

5. Summer 2007-wedding!

6. Summer 2007- Honeymoon, BoraBora.

7. Fall 2007- Seattle trip, when I thought going dark was a good idea.
8. Summer 2008- Hiking in Hawaii!

9. Fall 2008...Zoey's first pumpkin patch.

10. Christmas Time 2008- snow shoeing in the Sierras.